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15th Anniversary - Discover Trainz Model Railroad 2017

By Tony_Hilliam, December 18 2016

Welcome to Day 14 of our 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Day 1: Discover Trainz - Original Edition
Day 2: Discover Ultimate Trainz Collection
Day 3: Discover Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004
Day 4: Discover the Future of Trainz (2004)
Day 5: Discover Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006
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Day 10: Discover Trainz Simulator 10th Anniversary Edition
Day 11: Discover Trainz Kickstarter
Day 12: Discover Trainz A New Era
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Day 14: Discover Trainz Model Railroad 2017
Day 15...?

Discover Trainz Model Railroad 2017

Trainz is a powerful piece of software and for 15 years, Trainz fans have often found novel and interesting ways of using the product. When users started created "huge" items to surround their routes, the scale of the trains and the terrain would suddenly transform before your eyes. This concept spawned a whole selection of "model" routes and TMR 17 showcases the best of them.

Here's a shot of the Appen route (one of the 7 routes included in TMR17) in the early days of creation back in early 2014:

Almost 3 years later, with more than 20 sessions included, as well as tutorials and a selection of "layout templates", TMR17 gives Trainz fans a whole new way to look at the hobby. With higher density, greater detail and less time between destinations, the gameplay tends to be more fast paced. There's a huge variety of sessions included as well with shunting, passenger runs and freight colleciton against the clock to mention a few.

This trailer showcases the fantastic content assembled into the latest Trainz release - Trainz Model Railroad 2017.

What is TMR 17?

TMR is the Trainz A New Era SP1 code base but with a total focus on model layouts. These range from a single baseboard in size up to the"industrial scale" Port Zyd and Shorz routes from philskene.

It includes the incredible Surveyor tools, but as the following video shows, this doesn't mean you have to stop at building model size routes with this version of Trainz.

We have also included Basemapz which is a very handy utility for tracing over your favourite trackplan.

Trainz 15th Anniversary Collection - the final piece

For those of you stretching out your timeline on the Trainz forums, TMR17 is most likely the last piece of the collection to add. We've provided all existing fans a discount code to assist them in making the purchase. Just click on this link to visit the store.

Trainz Model Railroad 2017 - Anniversary Bundle

We've also put together a special bundle for those new to the scene. This bundle includes one of the Deluxe Routes from Trainz A New Era "Bidye Traction" as well as a 30 day First Class Ticket, together adding over $30 extra value.


  • Trainz Model Railroad 2017
  • 30 Day First Class Ticket (RRP$7.49)
  • Bidye Traction Railroad DLC (RRP $24.99)
  • BONUS VALUE: $32.48*

* For existing customers, we are sorry but your TMR-xxx Discount Code does not apply to this bundle option. 

Check back tomorrow for the complete wrap-up of our Anniversary celebration.