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SP2 HF1 Beta - Week 1 Update

By Tony_Hilliam, July 28 2017

This week we released the first Beta version of Service Pack 2 Hotfix 1. Testing is already well underway and we've identified and resolved a number of issues. Below is a list of the fixes from SP2 > HF1 and then the next list is the fixes this week for issues spotted in HF1.

Thanks again to our testers who are doing a great job providing the necessary custom routes and session to reproduce some very difficult-to-reproduce bugs.

Changelist from SP2 to SP2 HF1 Beta 88857:

  • Drive to and Navigate no longer show "caching menu options please wait"
  • Drive to Trackmark and Drive Via Trackmark commands now show full ist of trackmarks
  • Fixed hang when loading certain sessions
  • TMR17 M120 modules uploaded to DLS to allow access to all TANE and TMR owners
  • Named scenery objects now show in find list
  • Fix for merging routes with named object conflicts
  • Product Key installer now correctly prompts for product key
  • Error message updates for installer
  • Surveyor once again returns to last location when editing route
  • Incompatible Saved Sessions from SP1 now prevented from loading in SP2
  • Named scenery objects now showing in find list
  • Named objects are now correctly imported in map merge
  • Update the find dialog to provide placeholder names for items with a blank localised name
  • Set and Get tools now work for Junctions
  • Adjust radius tool now allows Junction trigger to be set to a minimum of 1m
  • Track/Platform info now shows in "Drive To" mouseover text
  • "Enable gameplay session mode" now correctly removes Train tab from Driver Session
  • Fixed - Mesh library assets render as spikes when used together
  • Fixed - TrackGraphLine issue
  • Fixed - crash when removing items from picklist
  • Trains tab now defaults to Trains - Add train mode
  • Editing pre-2009 routes and sessions no longer loses loco and consist names from lists
  • Fix the initialisation of backing store data for really old routes
  • Fixed - Asset config.txt is corrupted on import
  • Tracks added in the Session Layer that join to tracks in the Route layer now appear correctly after save and re-load
  • Fix a ReplicationManager crash that occured on multiplayer client join
  • Fixed - FXText effects which are attached to animated meshes are not moving when SetMeshTranslation() is called
  • Fixed - Route layer change triggers only "Save session" prompt
  • Fixed - "Amtrak P42DC" routes shows script error on loading
  • Tag 'end-gap' in attached-splines now works the correct direction
  • Fix for smoke (PFX) not starting when ‘start’ tag = 1 or higher
  • Prevent placement of track splines off the baseboard
  • Fix for ControlSet functions applying simultaneously to all locomotives
  • Translation cleanup
  • More updates to Drive to Trackmark and Drive Via Trackmark lists
  • Track condition updates now saved correctly if no other changes made
  • Track layer updates now save and reload correctly
  • Multiplayer no longer allows save games
  • Multiplayer exit crash fix
  • Fix DriverSetupRule : Router.LegacyBroadcastMessage> source object is null (file gs.gs)
  • Inserting a spline point then undoing it now works correctly
  • Prevent train vehicles from ever being considered as small scenery
  • Fix game Freeze when laying track
  • Save Game now reloads consists from lower layers
  • Fix with certain fixed track objects causing crash to desktop

Changelist SP2 to SP2 HF1 Beta 88857 to Beta 88978

  • (NOTE - This build not yet released)
  • Fix assertion and crash on Andrushivka + Balezino
  • "BR 1366 class cab" showing error in SP2 HF1
  • Fix a crash when importing an FBX file where the material names are malformed
  • Align some misplaced buttons
  • Paint circle no longer fades as camera range increases
  • In-cab camera now begins in correct location
  • Using [ and ] keys to cycle through cab views now working correctly
  • Fix ""validation failed without returning errors""
  • Fixed a crash when calling a Queued Command on a Render Thread
  • Fix a Resource Check rule script error
  • Deleting a spline point no longer moves trackside objects and junctions
  • Fix a deadlock condition with the in-game asset download window
  • Fix a MP script error - DriverSetupRule

Other notes:

Our lowest supported screen resolution is 1024x768
We've disabled maximize option in Windowed mode when screen resolution is too low.
To run at 1024x768 use Fullscreen and use Alt + Enter to switch between fullscreen and your desktop (and back again)