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SP2 Latest Beta Build 87133 (PC)

By Tony_Hilliam, March 16 2017


While we have made a number of great fixes in this build, there are also some fairly significant changes to a number of areas.

The areas we would really like you to concentrate testing on are:

  • Saving and loading
    • try all the various combinations menu options including loading routes and sessions from Content Manager
    • import content from SP1 and TS12 and save in SP2 format then compare the results
    • note that save/load should be quicker in most circumstances except the first time you save an SP1 route\
  • Ammeter
    • changes to the ammeter reading in cab mode require testing in Driver and Test Track
  • AI
    • we've made a number of fixes to trackmarks and industries - these will require thorough testing
    • please provide a simple test map if you find any issues using builtin content
    • compare to TANE SP1 for any steps backwards (we're not looking for feature requests for AI at this stage)
  • Previous bugs
    • If you have reported a bug previously and it shows on the list below as being fixed, please check if it is now working correctly
    • If not, please submit a new bug report and add further details so that we can investigate
  • Assertions
    • You will see a number of these "advisory messages" - don't be alarmed!
    • These messages are indicators to provide information to our programmers about code that is running at that time and may or may not result in something being broken.
    • Simply take a screenshot, click Continue and submit a bug report


The following messages are already known issues and therefore we DO NOT need you to submit these to us again

1. This message will appear when you first see the prompt to update

2. NamedObjectTable::LoadFileDataInBackground> Duplicate object ID 3-7
3. WorldListItem> item not removed from WorldList. virtual functions such as GetSaveFlags() will not work as expected
4. T2WindowSystem::BringLayerToFront> layer not attached here
5. DelayedInitManager::UpdateDelayedInitManager> recursion error


This changelist includes fixes made after the previous Beta Build 86963.

  • Ammeter current draw updates
  • AI navigation fixes for stations and trackmarks
  • Navigate To icons once again use the industry track icon
  • Placing Track Circuit Block detector no longer locks up Trainz
  • Automatically Generate Thumbnails window now readable
  • Optimisations to Save Route and Save Session
  • Session save now uses the correct name
  • Trains tab now defaults to Trains - Add train mode
  • F6 now hides command bar instead of crashing the game
  • Fixed track no longer becomes unstraightened when importing older maps
  • Fix for certain tracks that would appear black
  • Industry objects with track and scenery now update LODs at the same time
  • Map view remembers prior camera view position
  • Fix for occasional terrain splits along baseboard seams
  • Fixed issue where gradient wasn’t affecting loco physics
  • Session with missing route can no longer be opened "Edit in Surveyor"
  • IRulesList can now be copied into Notepad
  • Loading progress spinner fix in Track preview window
  • Fix for multiple tracks visible in Surveyor preview window
  • Red and black section no longer showing in map view
  • Fix for free roaming camera has a "no-go" zoom range
  • SP2 Routes Menu vertical scroll bar fixed
  • More save map updates
  • Fix for Driver meshes not appearing in-cab
  • Test Track - graphlines no longer cleared when adding new loco
  • Fix save issue when exiting Surveyor Quickdrive
  • Some mini-map texture optimisations
  • Fix the minimap overlay
  • Turn some possible crashes into non-crash assertions
  • Car commodity queues 1 & 2 now correctly loaded
  • Prevent the Driver Setup rule from launching too many threads
  • Junctions now flagged as triggers (as per SP1)
  • Fixed crash when moving or laying tunnel
  • Undoing a deleted spline point correctly re-adds the spline point
  • Fix Surveyor picklist sizing
  • Fix the Surveyor camera snapping to the origin on right click at highish zoom
  • Fixed track cannot be separated from spline track by using the move tool
  • Merge Route - Layers no longer mixed up after merge
  • Fixed an issue where ground textures failed to honor precached data
  • Significant updates to FBX importer (requires testing)
  • Improvements to debug error reporting
  • Lots of under-the-hood fixes for various assertions (undo, soundmanager etc)
  • Fix - "Sniff> Target object is null" script error
  • Train delete assertion fix
  • Fix for - Asset_Index_Scope_Lock when showing missing dependencies
  • Fix rule delete WorldListItem ID assertion
  • Fix for - DelayedInitManager::UpdateDelayedInitManager> recursion error
  • Fix for - Objects::SetWorldOriginObject> Already have an origin object
  • Fix for - T2WindowSystem::BringLayerToFront> layer not attached here
  • Fix for JRInterior script error
  • Fixes for deregistration of traincontrols and vehicles from the named object table
  • Possible fix for "GSScriptInstance::DebugCheck> m_referenceCount=0" in Test Track