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Physics Tuning and Testing
June 25 2014

While the engine guys have been been preparing the basic infrastructure for TANE, our other programmers have been developing the new game features. Today, we'll focus on the physics simulation and Engine editing module, codenamed Engineer.

Multi-window support
June 11 2014

Trainz: A New Era will allow you to work with multiple windows concurrently. Here's an example of what that means for you.

The Porting Process
June 04 2014

Transitioning the Trainz asset loaders from Jet to E2 is a bit like moving an entire bridge, one brick at a time. There are thousands of files involved, and they are all interrelated in non-trivial ways

Particle Effects System
May 28 2014

Steam, smoke, rain, snow and similar visual effects fall under the blanket term of "Particle Effects”. Each effect requires its own work and tuning, but we also have a system which is common to all the effects and does most of the heavy lifting.

Splines and Culling
April 28 2014

All legacy spline rendering is now basically working, although there are small compatibility issues where various incomplete features are causing differences in rendering as compared to TS12. These small variations will be fixed over time as development continues.

Importing Routes
March 28 2014

While engine development continues, we're getting a headstart on porting the game environment from Jet to E2.

E2: The Engine for a New Era
March 13 2014

For the past thirteen years, Trainz has been powered by Auran's "Jet" engine. Jet was developed for computers of the early 2000s, and while it was both flexible and future-looking, ten years is a long time in technology industries.

Welcome to the Danger Zone…
March 13 2014

Creating a game is much like building a skyscraper - a lot of time is initially spent digging a big hole and preparing the infrastructure before anything appears above ground level. In short, things can look like a real mess during the early stages of development!

Using the Trainz AI in Sessions: Part 2
January 31 2014

The Trainz AI is a very powerful, very flexible system but without a clear understanding of what it is doing and why, it can prove to be frustrating and difficult. In Part 2, we'll cover how trips are broken up.

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