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Mesh libraries: Using the ‘mesh-asset’ tag
September 13 2013

The 'mesh-asset' tag provides a very useful function - the ability to make one asset load a mesh file from a different asset.

Use of Product Categories
September 06 2013

Many 3rd party content creators have made products, and there are over 2000 separate products now available in Trainz. However, there have been very few product-categories created.

Using Layers in Session Creation
August 30 2013

With creative use of layers, you can do a lot more within a session than has historically been possible with Trainz.

Route Creation Tips and Tricks
August 23 2013

Today I have some route creation tips for you from one of our resident artists.

Mesh LOD and Texture Resolution
August 16 2013

LOD was first introduced into Trainz way back in TRS2004. Initially it was used only for locomotives, but ten years later it is recommended for every mesh based asset.

Content Validation Errors: Dependency Has an Invalid KUID User ID and Cannot be Used
August 09 2013

There are a number of new errors thrown up by content validation. This one started being thrown by the download station approvals process recently. You won't see it in Content Manager yet.

Use of Hint=Dynamic in a Texture.txt File
August 02 2013

A number of content creators are still using .texture.txt files containing the line 'Hint=Dynamic', and here's why this can cause you problems.

Why are The New DLC Packages Much Larger Than The Old Ones?
July 26 2013

With the update to Trainz 12 in SP1, some keen eyes users may have noticed the difference in the size of DLC packages.

Content Validation: Warnings are Not Errors
July 19 2013

There has been a lot of discussion in the Trainz community about the various warnings that Content Manager will log as part of the Content Validation process.

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