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Trainz: A New Era - ECML - SNEAK PEEK
April 10 2015

Enjoy this sneak peek of the EMCL in Trainz: A New Era, and stay tuned for a guest post from the ECML track creators coming soon to Trainz Portal.

Solutions aren’t always clear
March 18 2015

We've been making strong progress on most of the critical issues and now we only have a handful of ‘major’ issues left to tweak.

Preparations for the ‘Final Beta’
March 06 2015

Today we have reached our 'internal code lock' date for the Gold Master version of T:ANE. This means that we will not be adding any new features and fixing only 'critical' bugs prior to the GM heading off for replication.

Post Processing Effects Update
February 24 2015

Depth of Field is a feature that uses blurring techniques to create in focus and out of focus objects. It gets used in computer animation as its aesthetically pleasing because it's kind of how we see things in real life.

Development Progress Continues
February 16 2015

For those of you who aren't Kickstarter backers or don't don't follow the updates, here is just a taste of one of the new systems that has been implemented recently - the water shaders/reflections.

Trainz: A New Era Community Edition Review
December 17 2014

Take a look at more of the development side of Trainz: A New Era as we look into specular lighting, train motion, and shadows.

Trainz: A New Era Powers on
December 10 2014

An act of God yesterday went very close to preventing us from delivering the final "Release Candidate" build of T:ANE Community Edition release - however, we managed to avoid flooding rains (and sleep last night) to get the build ready for our Kickstarter testers.

Pre-Beta is Underway
August 01 2014

Invites went out to 1,000 Pre-Beta testers yesterday and already almost 500 people have registered their testing account at our new beta testing website.

Procedural Junctions
July 18 2014

Procedural mesh generation allows Trainz: A New Era to take high quality artist-built track pieces and manipulate them to suit a wide range of track specific scenarios that you might encounter in a route.
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