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Trainz Dev Diary - Detail Maps (micro detail)
November 22 2017

Previously we used detail maps for macro-detailing on the terrain textures, and now in this tutorial we use a detail map for micro-detailing.

Sneak Peek - Early In-Development In-game Video
November 17 2017

We took some in-game footage this week and felt we just had to share it with our fans to catch an early glimpse of how things are coming together...

Crossfade LOD Transitions for Clutter Effects
November 09 2017

For the TRS18 clutter effect, we offer new crossfade LOD transitions which mask any ugly mesh swaps by fading one mesh into the other over a certain distance.

Parallax vs. Normal Mapped Objects
November 03 2017

The new parallax materials, which include height map information, aren't restricted to ground textures. This technique can also be used on object for some stunning effects...

Dev Diary - Ground Clutter
October 27 2017

How would you like to scatter rocks, rubbish (trash) or weeds around your layout just by using a paintbrush? This dream is becoming a reality "soon". Find out more...

Texture Atlases and Mesh Libraries
October 20 2017

Last week we talked about Draw Calls and Textures. This week, we're taking things one step further and exploring further content creation optimisations using Texture Atlases and Mesh Libraries

Draw Calls and Materials
October 13 2017

In addition to using LODs to keep your poly count down, there are other tips and tricks that will further improve the performance of your content in-game. A must-read for all serious content creators...

Controlling Level of Detail Distance
October 06 2017

The next version of Trainz isn't all about pretty new graphical features - we're improving other systems as well. This week we look at "Level of Detail"...

Trainz Dev Diary - Height-Mapped Ground Textures and Geometry (sneak peek)
September 29 2017

The new height-mapped ground textures and PBR height-map shaders are able to intersect with other height-maps and geometry such as a flat plane of water...
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