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Community Profile - John Citron

By Tony_Hilliam, April 27 2018

This week we're talking to John Citron, Trainz veteran and train lover. 

Q. What was your involvement with trains prior to discovering Trainz?

A. My interest in trains started when I was very young, and I was a model railroader and railroad enthusiast at a very young age after my dad walked me over to the fence across the street from the apartment to watch the trains in the local yard. When I was six, my dad built me my first model railroad and I had a layouts of various sizes up until I discovered Trainz TRS2004 in December 2003.

Q. What is your most memorable Trainz experience?

A. My very first in-cab drive of my first real route. This was back in early January 2004!

Q. Describe your typical Trainz day?

A. I start by bringing up Content Manager to check for updates, and then check the DLS. I'll then clean up any obsolete assets. After that it's work in Surveyor on one of my own routes. Sometimes I'll work in Surveyor, then check in Driver, and jump back and forth between the two. A typical Trainzing day can go on for many, many hours.

Q. What is your favourite Trainz Route and why?

A. My favorite is my own Gloucester Terminal Electric Railroad, which is an expansion of George Fisher's Gloucester Terminal. My version has an expanded tram service which runs on the mainline with with two additional branches on either end. With the tram drivers following their schedule, I'll switch the freight yard and deliver freight to the various industries, and interchange with the smaller switching railroad, the Riverside Railroad which serves some bigger mills, and the mainline freights running between Boston and Rockport. This route is actually based on some real life terrain. The mainline tracks are actually a short segment of the former Boston and Maine Rockport branch. The switching operation and extended electric branches are totally fictional, but very convincing.

Q. How do you describe Trainz to your friends or family?

A. I've described Trainz as a gigantic mode railroad. Like a model railroad, there are so many aspects that someone can get involved with whether it's model building, session operations, and route building. And like a model railroad, a project is never complete, however, unlike a model railroad, we have the advantage of prototypical length routes and operations which take up very little space in the real world. I then describe the various components, and how awesome it is to see what we've built from the ground rather than from the air like a model railroad. I will add that this description has actually sold more than a few copies of Trainz over the years. I may have sold another copy the other day at the eye doctor as I described to someone what I was up to. The person took down the tech information and is passing this off to a relative

Q. Anything else you would like to share about your Trainz experience?

A. Trainz is not only addicting, but it's a way to bring back those routes from our childhood alive again, and replicate those things we remembered. But... Trainz is more than just that; it's a great escape from the real world when there are those rotten things going on, when one is ill, suffering from personal crisis, or as a way to wile away the time while enjoying one's creative abilities. For many people, Trainz is a replacement for their model railroad they no long have room for or can afford, or as a way to build that layout of their dreams without taking up the space or costing more than a mortgage on their own house, all of which exists within the confines of their personal computer. This is all stuff that dreams are made of and today we can live that dream, which impossible only a few many decades ago.

Thanks very much John for your wonderful insight into your world of Trainz.