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Customer Survey Results

By Tony_Hilliam, October 23 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent customer survey - if you haven't already contributed, it's not too late, so just click on this link to complete your survey.


The table above illustrates that our core PC audience were the main contributors to the survey so far (especially when you consider there are 10 active mobile players for every active PC player).

TRS2006 sneaks ahead of TS2009 but when you consider 2009/2010 were originally slated as individual products (World Builder and Engineers Editions) and TRS2006 had a full 3 years gap, the trend is pretty consistent that numbers are increasing with every edition released. With 4 years head start on TANE, we would also imagine it won't be long before TANE overtakes TS12 (and SP1 is probably about the time that will happen).

The favorite products listing indicate a strong lead for TS12 with TANE, operating from a smaller install base, not far behind. Again, with the completion of the Kickstarter stretch goals and the upcoming improvements in stability and performance expected from SP1, we believe TANE will overtake TS12 in the near future.

The hardware platform results showed PC way ahead at 80% with Laptops next at 25%, Tablets at 15% and the rest in the mid-single figures.

Three quarters of users are spending an hour or more a week using Trainz, with 1 in 5 spending more than an hour a day!


The following 3 images below indicate that the Content Manager option is slightly preferred over the website DLS and 40% of Trainz users do not download very much free content at all.

Similary to the free DLS options above, this time slightly over 40% of users do not purchase additional content. Looking at individual responses, there is a significant overlap, so users tend to either add to their experience with free or paid content, or they don't add any content at all.

The website feedback shows users are visiting a variety of sites each week with the forums being the most common site (again reflecting the core audience participating in the survey).

It appears that almost everyone who installed TANE at release and who has provided us with survey answers has already upgraded to HF2. And below, TANE usage shows a "similar" pattern to the general Trainz hours except for the clear difference in the "None" category - more on this below.

The two stability questions illustrate the challenge facing our development team right now. Of 209 respondents who have used HF2 in Driver, 108 have never or only rarely crashed vs 25 people who crash often. Of course for those people it is so frustrating, and this is where our focus will lie in the SP1 beta testing to ensure that we eliminate these issues completely. 

Last but not least, while far from a great number, it is comforting to see that of 268 people who have used HF2 (and replied here) 151 are more than satisfied with it. Of course our goal with SP1 is to dramatically shake up this statistic in particular!

With regard to the general text responses, we received a lot of great feedback (and yes, understandably, plenty of negative feedback too). For those who have been around long enough, there is one thing we have never done with Trainz is to give up trying to improve things as we move forward. In the coming weeks we are confident the trends will take a turn for the better. We will be repeating the survey again a little later on to measure how far we have come (or not as the case may be...).

If you would like to help us improve the product and eliminate the errors, then head over to our  Beta Test Registration page to sign up and lend a hand.