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Interview with hminky

By Tony_Hilliam, June 22 2018

“Critics are our friends, they show us our faults.” 
- Benjamin Franklin

Harold (hminky) has often been one of the sternest critics of Trainz throughout the years. Although not always agreeing with his comments, I have often admired his honesty and forthright approach. In fact, critical commentary is one of the main motivating factors tha has helped drive us to keep making Trainz better and better.

When Harold first installed the still-in-development TRS2019, here's what he posted in the Closed Beta forums:

"Just played a little and just WOW!!!!
Raildriver even works
Finally the game doesn't look like a cartoon."

- Harold

Harold also began posting some great comparisons between photos and TRS2019 scenes, and I decided I had to contact Harold and ask a few more questions...


Tony: "Hi Harold. Could you please tell us a little bit about your Trainz background."

Harold: "Bought TS2009 after watching a video of Josh Drumm's original Reading and Northern. Have always been waiting for Trainz to reach the level of TRS2019 - a lot of disappointment in those nine years."


Tony: "You have been invited to the TRS19 Closed Beta test. Can you tell us your first impression of the new version of Trainz?"

Harold: "Just had to say "WOW, there is a sun in a train game".


Tony: "You’ve seen quite a few versions of Trainz, so what is the one thing that makes TRS2019 so different to previous versions?"

Harold: "The game has a sun, no more "cartoon" images. TANE was a major breakthrough on draw distance, no more "pop-up". The earlier versions were marginal visually. It is harder to make screenshots with a sun in the game. It is like being outdoors and trying to get on the non-shade side."


Tony: "Thanks Harold for sharing your first impressions of TRS2019, and a big thanks also for sharing your images."


To all Trainz fans out there, I hope that you, too, will discover the same "wow factor" that Harold has seen during the TRS2019 Closed Beta.

Tony Hilliam
CEO, N3V Games.