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Explaining Vertical Sync

By Tony_Hilliam, October 30 2015

Service Pack 1 focuses on stability and performance improvements and one of the these improvements involved the introduction of a Vsync option.

There is plenty of technical information on the Internet regarding the benefits of Vsync. This explanation however focuses specifically on what the new “Vertical Sync” options mean in the SP1 Launcher > General Tab (Windows only)

At Full setting, whenever the frame rate drops below 60 there will be a “skip” in the smoothness. If the rate is consistently below 60, then there would be regular skipping of frames.

The default setting is Half. This forces the graphics engine to deliver frames at a maximum of 30 frames per second (fps). For systems that generally experience less than 60 fps but above 30 fps, this is the recommended setting.

By forcing the Half setting, this allows the game to deliver 30 fps consistently, with no skipped frames, thereby providing a much smoother frame rate. (If your frame rate drops below 30 fps with the Half setting, you will also see frames being skipped).

Therefore for the “smoothest” view, adjust your performance settings so that you consistently reach either 30 fps at Half or 60 fps at Full setting.

You can view your “fps” using 3rd party tools or from Launcher > Developer > Show Profiler. Your fps is the “Render” output figure.

Here are some of the comments about the latest version of TANE from our beta testers when recording their Performance Benchmark Test results:

Weich.O: Rock steady. Above my usual settings. No more than 1-2fps drop.

phimat: I'm pretty impressed, as the frame rates were nearly doubled compared to Build 78667. 

jeffmorris: TANE SP1's performance is better than TANE Hotfix 2.