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Sneak Peek - Early In-Development In-game Video

By Tony_Hilliam, November 17 2017

We’ve been hard at work on all fronts of Trainz development - code and content updates, new features, new functionality, and, as you've seen in the recent Dev Diaries, new materials and shaders. 

We just had to stop for a minute this week and capture this little bit of footage that caught our eye. We hope you like the new visual direction Trainz is taking with such great technical terms as "PBR", "Parallax", "IBL" and more. 

And yes, before someone asks, the video is all in-game footage, and there's still plenty of room for tweaking things yet.

Probably the most noticeable difference is how the strong sunlight reflects differently based upon the surface it is reflecting off and the direction of the light. For example, at around 0:14 you see how strong the reflection is on the right hand side of the benchtop which is in direct line with the sun, while the wood finish on the left side doesn't get hit by that reflection.

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