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Posted by: TomJohnson | Posted:2020-08-01 19:09:05

Caption: Leaving Galesburg Yard

Tags: Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019, Galesburg Secondary, Day 13, GP38-2_ATSF HP TANE, ATSF B40-8W, EMD SW1500 ATSF #1216, 60ft PS2 4750 Hopper ATSF #313385-rev, Tank car HOKX 20800 gal-r, Gondola Mill 52ft Railgon TS12, 60ft PS2 4750 Hopper MP #722322-rev, Tank car LCIX 20800 gal-r, 52ft Gondola CEFX 2, GATX 23000 gal Funnel-Flow tank car white, Tank car FF ECUX 401113-rev

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