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Posted by: BrianLeeDawson | Posted:2020-09-16 11:15:23


Tags: Trainz: A New Era, Healesville - 1913-1920, VR DD T2 WW1 Red C BG, VR M T4 Cattle 8t BG, VR N Ballast Wagon Type 1a - 10 ton, VR Q Flat T3a - 2, VR CW van T1 - 1924-1954 BG, VR ABW car T1 - 1924-1954 BG, VR Z Guards Van T1 1930s-1950s - BG, VR N Ballast Wagon Type 1a - 8 ton, VR U Van Type 2 - White, VR I T17 Gen 1908-1940s 1 - BG, VR WT water tank - BG

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