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Posted by: rowletmaster | Posted:2020-10-18 15:40:53


Tags: Trainz: A New Era, (A) Electro Island V 4.0 TANE SP3 (SRB3 world), Sanyo Shinkansen, JRH JR500 KODAMA 02, JRH JR500 KODAMA 03, JRH SHINKANSEN 700RS Rebuild 03, JRH SHINKANSEN 700 Rebuild 01B, JRH JR500 KODAMA 01, JRH JR300 NOZOMI 01, JRH SHINKANSEN 700RS Rebuild 04, JRH JR500 KODAMA 04, JRH SHINKANSEN 700RS Rebuild 05, JRH SHINKANSEN 700 Rebuild 02, JRH JR500 KODAMA 05

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