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15th Anniversary - Discover Trainz Simulator 2009

By Tony_Hilliam, December 12 2016

Welcome to Day 8 of our 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Day 1: Discover Trainz - Original Edition
Day 2: Discover Ultimate Trainz Collection
Day 3: Discover Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004
Day 4: Discover the Future of Trainz (2004)
Day 5: Discover Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006
Day 6: Discover Trainz Classics 1 & 2
Day 7: Discover Trainz Classics 3
Day 8: Discover Trainz Simulator 2009 - WBE
Day 9 - 15: ?


Discover Trainz Simulator 2009 - World Build Edition

TS2009 was a landmark release for Trainz. With new "quad detail" terrain, new texture/material support and new lighting, plus a range of new tools, this edition was a major step forward in fidelity. Along with more powerful hardware, routes were becoming much bigger and more complex and as a result, pushing performance to the limits.

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The TS2009 website provided a great look through the history of Trainz updates...

All Versions since TRAINZ 1:

  • Create your own dynamic rail world
  • Animated scenery to bring your world to life
  • Drive trains with simple controls or realistic controls
  • Run multiple trains on autopilot
  • Switch between Internal, external and tracking cameras
  • Signalling system to control your rail world
  • Download additional locos, scenery items and routes

Ultimate Trainz Collection - New Features:

  • Save and Load driver Sessions
  • Control your rail world on the 2D map
  • Expanded tools for creating your world
  • Create scripted scenarios using Trainz Script*
  • Dual cab support
  • Additional hotkey support (e.g. change junctions from cab)
  • Load Preset Consists with one click
  • Additional cameras (movable in-cab, junctions, tunnels)
  • All regions option for better content sorting
  • New Surveyor tools and hotkeys (x.y cursor location etc)
  • Regional road support
  • Mini-map improvements (zoom limit, options)
  • Performance improvements (loading times etc)
  • Raildriver support
  • Numerous improvements to physics, signals, content etc

TRS2004 - New Features:

  • Steam locomotives with animated fireman and driver
  • Animated industries and visible goods
  • Passengers visibly load and unload
  • Industries consume and produce goods and resources
  • Timetables, work orders and schedules
  • Place locos and rolling stock in 3D in Surveyor
  • Priority trackmarks and direction markers to enforce right of way
  • Name and save consists for quick placement
  • Quickstart from Surveyor into Driver
  • "Sessions" & "Rules" expose powerful scripts to non-tech users
  • Resource tunnel (create and consume trains and loads)
  • Add Driver Orders in Surveyor
  • Drivers can be allocated to each loco
  • Allocate multiple tasks to AI Drivers & change them on the fly
  • Include your own face in-game as a Driver
  • Free roaming camera in Driver
  • Wheelslip and dynamic braking show on HUD
  • 2D map improvements (labels, switches, signals)
  • Unlimited Save slots in Driver
  • Jet V2 graphics update incl. bump maps, vertex shaders
  • Quickstart from Surveyor into Driver
  • Water reflections, adjustable wave height and colour
  • Improved sound, signals, physics, lighting
  • Trainz Helper download utility (find dependencies)
  • Learning Center and detailed manuals
  • Major Download Station update
  • More features and flexibility to create a living railroad

TRS2006 - New Features:

  • iTrainz networking protocol (allows in-game chat etc)
  • iPortal (allows users to exchange trains and loads)
  • Surveyor search/filter feature
  • Passenger observation cameras
  • Photorealistic backdrop assets
  • Cab control HUD
  • Scripted Tutorials
  • Improved session making support
  • Animated turnout support
  • Expanded schedule functionality
  • Added Driver Rules such as couple/decouple
  • Editable sounds
  • 2D map functions expanded
  • Asset Management using Trainz Asset Database
  • Asset keywords can be saved and restored
  • Auto-save in Surveyor
  • Option to disable track joint sound
  • Sessions & Rules Guide
  • More features and flexibility to create a living railroad

Trainz Classics 1 & 2 - New Features:

  • Flexible In-cab Signalling system
  • Digital in-cab displays
  • Improved Heads-Up-Display options
  • Revised and improved train headlight system
  • Train controlled sounds, lights and boom gates at crossings
  • Automatic Train Protection options
  • New sound functions for electric traction
  • One way and multi-lane road support
  • Remodelled roadway traffic featuring functioning headlights

Trainz Classics 3 - New Features:

  • Improved steam physics modelling both fire and boiler
  • Interface shows steam chest pressure, coal in firebox etc
  • Improved particle effects
  • Steam sounds based upon piston revolutions
  • New semaphore Signalling logic models and animations
  • AWS (Automatic Warning System) safety system
  • Improved Passenger Asset Support(per station or traincar)
  • Headlight options incl. hi-beam, day lights and night lights
  • New Rules (Speeding check, remove derailed cars etc)
  • Repair broken couplers
  • Scripting hooks added to passenger doors
  • Configurable horizontal movement for bogies
  • Support for additional cab controls
  • Automatic fireman to assist driving
  • CCP improved (understands more, better defaults, lists)
  • Water transparency to see submerged objects
  • New tunnel kit to allow any size/shape tunnel
  • AI drivers will now use the loco/train brakes
  • Traction characteristics controllable by scripting

Trainz Simulator 2009 - New Features:

  • Quad detail terrain (5m grid previously 10m radius)
  • 5m texture brush (previously 10m radius)
  • New terrain editing tools (e.g. hill smoothing)
  • High resolution assets including new cab interiors, new track etc
  • Gloss materials for ground textures
  • Ground decals to add greater ground detail
  • Improved iTrainz and in-game chat
  • Improved CMP to quickly and simply manage all your assets
  • Improved asset error checking and updating
  • Trainz Online in-game browser
  • Improved find, filter, keyword and download functions
  • Context sensitive Help linked to browser and Knowledge Base
  • Redesigned interface for easier access to key functions
  • New Import and export tools for 3d modellers
  • Improved CCP
  • Driver AI Improvements to navigation and driving speed
  • More detailed Driver AI feedback to players
  • New “Drive To” and “Navigate to” commands
  • New Trainz Script functions and new Rules
  • View distance increased
  • Lighting improvements
  • Improved performance
  • Loads of small things fixed or improved