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Content Creator “TrainzDev” Update

By Tony_Hilliam, January 18 2018

We're happy to announce that we're introducing a new phase in the development of Trainz "Next" (working title). We're offering limited access to our "TrainzDev" build version so that Content Creators can begin learning and testing the new features, materials and processes (and help us ensure the systems are working as expected). 

We'd like to help our keenest, most active and most talented Content Creators discover all about the amazing new features that we're introducing for the next version of Trainz. 

Unfortunately we can't include all Content Creators in the initial program, so we've created the following Registration Form. This process will assist us in selecting a small group for the first round of participation and training.

If you don't get selected this time, or if you are a Route and Session Creator, don't be too concerned - there will be a wider group invited to discover the new features a little later on this year.

Please note that if selected, the build you will be receiving will be a limited feature, [very] limited content set, limited time version of Trainz. It does not include the new content or interface components for "Trainz Next". 

Content Creators - Register Your Interest Here.