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SP2 “Final Beta” Released

By Tony_Hilliam, May 05 2017

It's taken 4 months, thousands of beta testers have spent many thousands of hours of testing, we've handled over 1,000 bug reports and test case follow-ups, fixed hundreds of bugs, and made dozens of optimisations and enhancements, we've improved performance and stability across the board, we've made a long list of graphical enhancements to ensure compatibility with a wide range of legacy content, we've solved a number of significant issues and solved many minor ones, AND... we're nearly ready for release! 

Is this version going to be 100% perfect? Well, honestly, no. Complex software, combined with many thousands of assets created by the community across versions covering more than 15 years of development, is always going to deliver some hiccups. However, we're confident this update will be our smoothest update ever and will deliver the best, most stable and reliable version of Trainz ever!

This build will go out to our beta testers to confirm if it really is the "Final Beta". At this point, we will only be fixing critical issues if required. You will see from the "technical" nature of many of the fixes listed below that in addition to very user-facing items such as a serious merge map issue that affected bridge splines, we've addressed a long list of "assertions". These assertion messages alert programmers to potential problems and don't necessarily mean that the user will see anything different. Assertions will be turned off for the official release of SP2 and so for the majority of users, they will simply experience fewer problems such as timeouts, hangs or crashes.

DLC Testing

For this final stage we've also updated all the DLC to be SP2 compatible. This means beta testers can now download their DLC content into SP2, including the Trainz Model Railroad 2017 DLC content (for owners of that product). Simply start Trainz and the 7 TMR routes and sessions will show as ready for download in-game.

Note: You will see a list of resource ids such as simc:45369 (part 1) etc. These will be updated to have the correct naming once the TMR content set is made available for purchase as DLC for TANE (i.e. once SP2 is officially released).

Build Information

Patches have been created for:

  • Build 84204 (Official SP1 HF4 release - see below for details)
  • Build 87422 (Latest SP2 Beta version - patch in the normal manner choosing the Beta stream)
  • Build 84219 (Mac SP1)

Updating from Build 84204

If you have 84204 installed (the build number shows on your launcher) we've already provided you Beta Access. If you have this build and do not have access to the 'Beta Stream', please click on the bug report link at our Beta Test Center and send us a report including your username.

To update your existing SP1 HF4 build to SP2, please follow these steps carefully:

  • Create a backup copy of your T:ANE install folder and your local data folder (Click Trainz Settings > Install to find the path to your local data folder).
  • Ensure your MyTrainz Username is entered in the Launcher > Trainz Settings > Internet tab
  • Click Trainz Settings > Install > 'Change T:ANE Update Stream...'
  • Check the target is pointing to the correct TANE install folder, and change targets if required
  • Click 'Next'
  • Ensure your MyTrainz Username is entered correctly
  • Click 'Change Stream'
  • Select 'Beta Release'
  • Click 'OK'
  • Click 'Done'
  • You should now be prompted to patch from 84204. If not, click 'Check for T:ANE Updates...'

The update from 84204 is 2GB in size and therefore may take some time to download depending on your bandwidth and how busy our servers become. 

If you get a connection error, click Retry and the process will pick up where it left off. 

Once updated, the 'Engine Start-up' process will take another 5-10 minutes then you are ready to begin testing and submitting bugs that you find.

Please note if you have any of the following builds you can already update to 84204 by visiting this page.


For existing customers with build 79000 or lower, we recommend you upgrade to TANE SP1 by installing the full version available for download from your MyTrainz.com account. 

Changelist for Build 87402 > 87442

  • Adjusting zoom in map view no longer results in re-rendering game world
  • Product Queue fade in/out now rendering correctly
  • Fix for Quickdrive script error
  • Fix "QuickDrive : File dbhelperlib.gs, Line 438, ER_Timeout"
  • Fix for disabling content gives "ASSET_INDEX_SCOPE_LOCK> called from main thread!"
  • Fix TrackStretch not respecting layer visibility on load
  • Fix "GSStackReference::*> type mismatch";
  • Fix a leak when using Object Preview (likely also affects adding objects in Surveyor)
  • Fix “~T2AttachmentPoint> renderables are still attached"
  • Fix "T2Positionable::UpdateCachedGlobalPositionOrientation> mistmatched origins?" assertion
  • Fix Animation Events for FBX
  • Fix “DepthDrawMethod::AddShaderdefines> depth prepass not enabled for this material”

Changelist for Build 87442 > 87721

  • Adding object outside path for Interlocking Towers in large maps now working
  • Range of fixes for tunnel and bridge track vertices
  • Steam locomotives now completely “stationary” when stopped
  • Junction lever direction in session layer now saved in Session layer
  • Adjust Mouse wheel scroll speed in most in game lists
  • Ground textures no longer disappear around baseboard joins after merging routes
  • Scenery object rotation speed adjustments
  • Scenery rotation and height adjust tools now keep their tooltips displayed longer
  • Fix route merge (not handling bridge/tunnel vertices)
  • Fix crash after saving/editing custom session
  • "S and C Cattle Dock 3 pens TS2009" cattle pen mesh is no longer offset
  • Procedural Turnout blades no longer disappear on some junctions when viewed up close
  • Procedural junction sleepers no longer disappear on 'zoom out'
  • TestTrack fixes
  • Update scriptable object to ensure backwards compatibility (e.g. SnC Path rule)
  • Score no longer disappears when resuming saved session
  • Fix for navigation points not appearing in sessions
  • Fix "Browser: null object at parameter 1 (file browser.gs)" script error (View Details window shows blank)
  • Fix "oCameraExternal::GetMiniMapCameraPos> Used without a camera target" appears when train is consumed by portal.
  • Fix script errors in SNC Ribblesdale - Settle Shunt (Ride)
  • Crash fix: "CXAutoReference::operator*> Dereferenced NULL CXAutoReference"
  • Fix "GSObjectReference::AddRefernce> invalid request"
  • Add track condition edits to the undo system, and thus fix them not flagging the route/session modified
  • Fix "~WorldListItem> item not removed from WorldList." appears after joining track spline to bridge
  • Fix rendering for materials without "depthPrepass"
  • Fix "~WorldListItem> item not removed from WorldList. virtual functions such as GetSaveFlags() will not work as expected" when merging routes
  • Fix “PerformanceStatistics> Leak”
  • Fix "VR Platform Lilydale Island" shows a sky-colored background instead of being transparent
  • Add "Disable commodity overlays" option to interface menu
  • Headlight no longer appears inside the cab view when moving
  • Fix "CXReadWriteLock::UnlockForRead> potential deadlock: current thread attempting upgrade from read lock"
  • Shut down PrecacheManager worldstates when not in use
  • Fix "DriverCharacter : File drivercharacter.gs, Line 482, ER_NullReference";"
  • "Edit Route" dialog's "draw distance cap" scrollbar is now rendering a background
  • Clicking the screenshot review notification now open only one instance of the modal dialog
  • Fix gap in Topology advanced tab
  • Savegame default filename now uses correct time
  • Fix "GetShaderFor: Invalid material/decl/drawMethid combo. unlitOneTex”
  • Fix 'Bad reference count' assertion
  • Fix “TrainControlsHUDlib : File traincontrolshudlib.gs, Line -1, ER_NativeCallError"
  • Fix “DriverModule : File traincontrolshudlib.gs, Line -1, ER_NativeCallError”
  • Fix crash when cancelling in-game download
  • Fix rapidly flashing driver HUD with two game windows open
  • Session rules now working correctly when loading a session via Surveyor Quickdrive
  • Changes to selections in the Global Interface Addons settings now get saved
  • Fix script error placing "JK Point" object
  • Fix "Savegame Warning: Failed to load script data for one or more objects"
  • Fix a dead zone in the surveyor minimap mouse interaction
  • Update delete-missing-assets to delete overly long splines
  • Fix bad vertex type in ObjectPreviewInfo
  • Clean up handling of split-alpha texture source images
  • Fix NamedObjectTable::ProcessRegistrationQueue> Registration command failure when merging routes.
  • Fix "ProfileInfo::ClearCachedData> Clearing data without loading?"
  • Fix and optimise “TriggerBase::NotifyNodeInTrigger”​