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TANE Service Pack 2 - March Beta Update

By Tony_Hilliam, March 03 2017

The next Service Pack 2 beta release will be ready Monday March 6. All our current Beta Testers should check their SP2 build on Monday to ensure you have the Beta Stream selected and you will be prompted to download the update.

The latest update for Service Pack 2 has focussed on fixing a wide variety of bugs that make this version far more stable and reliable. We are keen to hear from all our testers regarding any issues that are a backwards step from the previous release, and any NEW issues that they have seen for the first time. Feedback can be provided thourgh our Bug Reporting Form here.

If you have been involved in previous TANE SP1 Beta Testing, and would like to participate in this next round of testing, then go to our Beta Test Center here and read option A then click on option B - Installation guide. This will download a full 10GB stand-alone Beta version of SP2. If you want to wait until a patch is available to patch directly from SP1, that should be available in the next week or so (depending upon tester feedback on the new build).

"Under-the-hood" Changes:

SP2 makes a number of substantial change to the underlying architecture to future-proof the content format and enable new features such as collaborative route editing and route streaming to be implemented in upcoming releases.

In this beta release we have also enabled assertions (debugging), providing us with earlier and better diagnostics for some classes of potentially serious errors. If a debug message appears, please take a screenshot and send it to us using our new Online Bug Reporting tool then click Continue.

While a route is loading, we have suspended certain Content Manager operations to ensure the route loads as quickly as possible.

Auto-save has been replaced by an ongoing write-to-disk operation. Routes are left open for edit while being edited, and any changes are rapidly written to disk. Upon reloading a route, the user is presented with options to use or revert recent changes.

New Features:

  • New “Add/Replace Height/Objects” tool (expanded functionality to Absolute/Relative height tools to include textures, objects, track)
  • New “Add selected assets to picklist” tool in Objects tab
  • Ctrl-F tool now acts like a Filter showing only items containing the search characters
  • Orange “bounding-boxes” are now shown where an asset is missing. This is an early implementation of the system which will, in future versions, allow you to replace a missing asset with an asset of your choice. (Meanwhile, you can install the missing items or use “Delete Missing Assets” to remove the orange boxes).


Changelist (bug fixes and optimisations):

The following list of ~100 items includes fixes for bugs found in SP1 as well as some that have been introduced in SP2 beta:

  • AI drivers now stop correctly at trackmarks and industries
  • Text on 'nameable' objects no longer disappears at random
  • Bridge tracks are now correctly flagged as being on a bridge after being saved and reloaded (this resolves unstraightened track issues related to bridges)
  • Assorted other bridge/tunnel spline bug fixes
  • Camera no longer goes into "tunnel mode" temporarily on entering Quickdrive
  • Undo and then re-do now correctly rebuilds procedural track
  • Undo now correctly removes station building and attached tracks
  • Further fixes to ensure tracks are redrawn after Undo
  • Straighten track tool is no longer highlighted when not selected
  • Copy/paste now copies station and track for industries
  • Splines no longer randomly disappear upon reloading
  • Fix procedural track re-build issue when using straighten track
  • Fix for walls of certain bridge assets disappearing when moving the object
  • Non-track splines no longer straighten with track straighten tool
  • Junction labels no longer orphaned using undo function
  • Track Gradient value no longer affects laying scenery splines
  • Exiting from Surveyor Quickdrive no longer takes you back to an empty session
  • Loco sounds and bells now playing when inside the cab
  • Junction "wheels_over_points" sounds now playing correctly
  • Wheel flange_squeal sounds now playing correctly
  • Mousewheel scroll in cab no longer removes you to "external view"
  • Pressing 'pgup' key no longer jumps to cab mode, even if zoomed out
  • Hide/Show Message Overlay working correctly
  • Exiting from Surveyor Quickdrive now takes you back to Edit Session
  • Possible fix for freeze when saving session
  • PFX no longer appear at 0,0 when in cab mode
  • Fix crash when undoing deleted track segment
  • Fix Physx crash in Flying Scotsman session when changing camera view
  • Fix another Physx PFX crash
  • Fix some undo system crashes
  • Fix crash when moving or laying tunnel
  • Fix some sound positioning issues
  • Fix a crash with Layers
  • Fix for loading a route with missing dependencies
  • Fix some more object destruction calls
  • Fix zoom out crash
  • Fix copy/paste Yarn assets crash
  • Fix crash when using Show Post processing
  • Patcher updates
  • Copy paste fixes
  • Resolve TrackPriorityMarker script error
  • Fill Grid now working correctly
  • Fix load command tooltips
  • Paint tab text entry box now updates which textures are displayed
  • Trains tab now defaults to Trains - Add train mode
  • Create Session now has Session Layer selected
  • Optimize texture list loading
  • TrainzUtil can now be used from cmd line
  • Updated object deletion method for Carz
  • Add initial support for FBX metadata text file
  • Resolve Scale/Transform error for FBX imports
  • Add material sharing support to FBX
  • Fixed a bug where performance settings used incorrect values not current saved values (possibly explaining some performance issues seen)
  • Back-end updates to purchasable products setup
  • FBX now supports materials not in root folder
  • m.additive 2-sided material now working
  • Asset fix for double-sided texture issue <KUID2:113556:51062:1>
  • Add warning prompts for duplicate route/session names during new asset saves
  • Update the Surveyor save dialog to never overwrite content that isn't owned by the current player
  • Fix the New Route dialog not saving changes on close
  • Various other updates for load/save/exit
  • Updates to track LOD hysterisis check points
  • Create session and not touching route layer now saves correctly
  • Fixed a freeze after exiting saved session
  • Fix for session edits not taking effect when saving from Surveyor
  • Fixes for Surveyor Asset Picker loading indicator
  • Fix for error for animated mesh with missing animation
  • Move Object tool no longer hides certain assets while dragging
  • Fixed track industries now remain attached to track when moving and copying
  • Fix for commodity picker flickering rapidly
  • Fix product load animations not showing at some LOD levels
  • Fix industries not loading at some LOD levels
  • White spline points no longer turn yellow on reload
  • [Windows] mousewheel scroll now much more controllable
  • Track Gradient value affects laying scenery splines
  • Can now Undo "Delete Spline"
  • Redo no longer misses every other spline segment
  • Next/previous list item hotkey now scrolls correctly
  • Minimap options button below positioned below score display
  • Spline circles now appear at ground level with dotted line
  • Fix for "yellow" spline nodes end up non-clickable
  • Rulers now visible on reload
  • Optimisations to reduce CPU load
  • Optimisations to reduce database stalls
  • Interlocking towers, can now add new path
  • Configuring an IT path through a hidden layer now works correctly
  • ITs can now be configured in ECML
  • Fixed script error on "Easy Street" on Bidye Traction route
  • Improvements to visibility culling for large/irregular shaped objects
  • Updates to improve smoothness of Surveyor Roaming Compass
  • Ruler labels are now culled according to draw distance
  • Font copied into CM now resizes correctly
  • Using the Train tab to decouple in Driver no longer breaks coupling operations
  • More copy/paste fixes for industry track
  • Improvements to Surveyor "Save As" dialog text entry behaviour
  • Joining multiplayer session will now revert local modifications
  • Fixed script errors in Hinton (Asset-specific)
  • Settings windows reformatted to better support resolution resizing
  • Reimplement authorisation-failed message
  • Lots more “under-the-hood” fixes