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Trainz 15th Anniversary Announcement

By Tony_Hilliam, October 29 2016

The very first version of Trainz (Trainz Community Edition) was released on December 5, 2001. With the tagline "Virtual Model Railroading for your PC", Trainz provided users of all ages the opportunity to build worlds and explore them with simple speed control dial or a realistic driving physics control model with power and brake curves, coupler stress and so on.

To celebrate this Anniversary we have announced that "Trainz Model Railroad 2017" will be released as a stand alone product on December 5 and that existing users will also be able to purchase this content as DLC for TANE SP2. TANE Service Pack2 is currently undergoing internal testing to ensure compatibility with TMR content and will shortly go out to external testers. However it is likely to still be in beta testing when we release TMR.

For our existing prototypical fans, please note that TMR17 is an additional product line and not a complete change of direction by N3V Games. We are continuing to work on the next major update for Trainz Railroad Simulator and we have plenty more prototypical routes heading your way.

This hobby has room for all sorts of people with different aspirations. We recognize that many love to experience the "real deal" driving an interstate freight run, others focus on suburban passenger networks, and others prefer smaller more condensed offerings such as the "model layout" concept found in TMR17. Here is a blog post explaining more about the model railroad concept.