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15th Anniversary - Discover Trainz Downloadable Content

By Tony_Hilliam, December 17 2016

Welcome to Day 13 of our 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Day 1: Discover Trainz - Original Edition
Day 2: Discover Ultimate Trainz Collection
Day 3: Discover Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004
Day 4: Discover the Future of Trainz (2004)
Day 5: Discover Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006
Day 6: Discover Trainz Classics 1 & 2
Day 7: Discover Trainz Classics 3
Day 8: Discover Trainz Simulator 2009
Day 9: Discover Trainz Simulator 2010
Day 10: Discover Trainz Simulator 10th Anniversary Edition
Day 11: Discover Trainz Kickstarter
Day 12: Discover Trainz A New Era
Day 13: Discover Trainz Downloadable Content
Day 14 - 15 ?

Discover Downloadable Content (DLC)

One of the most under-estimated aspects to Trainz is how much work goes into creating a route. With literally thousands of different objects, an potentially many hundreds or even thousands of square kilometres to cover, it can take dozens of man-years to put together one route. From the research of the area, to creating the terrain, to laying track, adding signalling, ensuring accuracy and fleshing out mile upon mile of scenery all takes a very special commitment.

The Trainz is blessed to have a community that create these routes because they are passionate about their hobby. As the routes become larger, and the expectations of "AAA" quality artwork like that seen in a multi-million dollar blockbuster title, it becomes more and more a necessary part of the process to reward the creators financially for their efforts.

16,800 square kms of Rocky Mountains...

So how does a DLC Route make it onto the store?

Many people don't understand the process for an item to make it onto the store, so here's a quick rundown of the process:

  • Content creators log in to the Contentcreators.trainzportal.com website
  • They submit their creation and N3V inspect the route (and sessions)
  • N3V Games provide feedback on what they think needs to be done 
  • After potentially many round of submission and testing, the product goes out to beta test
  • After more updates and tweaks, the product is packaged for the store
  • Users purchase the product and download it in-game 
  • The game installs automatically (with no missing dependencies)
  • The Content Creator receives 50% of the net revenues

Existing DLC Routes available right now

  • Canadian Rocky Mountains - Columbia River Basin
  • Balezino Mosti
  • Bidye Traction Railroad
  • Milwaukee Road - Avery Drexel
  • Mojave Subdivision
  • Niddertalbahn
  • Settle and Carlisle
  • Warwick to Wallangarra
  • Season Town


Coming Soon to TANE - Model Raiload Layouts

  • Appen
  • Bea-Dawe Model Railway
  • Brazemore Yard
  • Franklin Avenue Industrial
  • Japan - Model Trainz
  • Port Zyd & Fulazturn Railroad
  • The Shorts and Kerl Traction Railroad

Coming Soon - Full Length Routes

  • Norfolk and Western: Appalachian Coal
  • NEC Wilmington to Philadelphia
  • Southern China
  • Municipal Transit Railroad
  • Marias Pass
  • Fall Harvest Nebraska
  • Debrecen to Nyiregyhaza
  • Chiyoda Branch Line
  • Biatorbagy to Tatabanya
  • Murchison 
  • Pottery Loop 
  • and many more...

Locos, Sessions and Rolling Stock

In addition to the main routes and sessions, there are many other DLC options to choose from. Search our store for your favourite loco or rolling stocl.