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15th Anniversary - Discover Trainz Simulator 10th Anniversary Edition

By Tony_Hilliam, December 14 2016

Welcome to Day 10 of our 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Day 1: Discover Trainz - Original Edition
Day 2: Discover Ultimate Trainz Collection
Day 3: Discover Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004
Day 4: Discover the Future of Trainz (2004)
Day 5: Discover Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006
Day 6: Discover Trainz Classics 1 & 2
Day 7: Discover Trainz Classics 3
Day 8: Discover Trainz Simulator 2009
Day 9: Discover Trainz Simulator 2010
Day 10: Discover Trainz Simulator 10th Anniversary Edition
Day 11 - 15: ?


Discover & Win Trainz 10th Anniversary Edition 

Pre-orders for Trainz 10th Anniversary Edition began on March 18, 2011. With over 500 pre-orders prior to the April 12 launch of Trainz Simulator 12 this was a popular edition to get your hands on.

We have gone through our own collection vault and found a pristine 10th Anniversary Edition case still in the celophane wrapper. We will be awarding one lucky customer the opportunity to win this awesome collector's item. (See conditions below).

To refresh your memories, here is what comes in the stunning black case:

Beautifully Presented Collector's Edition Metal Case

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Trainz history. Signed by the entire Trainz Team this is a Limited Edition item with only 2500 printed!


All New Trainz Simulator 12 - Now with Multiplayer

The all new Trainz Simulator 12 (PC, DVD) featuring fresh locos, routes and online multiplayer! (check out Trainz Simulator 12)

10th Anniversary Collector's Edition Certificate

This classy certificate displays a running number and proves your lifelong dedication to the greatest Train Simulator ever made.

Keyboard Shortcut Chart

Get the brand new keyboard shortcut chart with all of the Trainz Simulator 12 controls mapped out for Driver and Surveyor. Never again will you have to rifle through pages of a manual to find the key you need!


10th Anniversary Collector's Poster

Beautiful and bold, this limited edition poster shows off the stunning Y6B loco that is the face of Trainz Simulator 12.


Super Speed Access to the Download Station
Every Collector's Edition includes a 30 day First Class Ticket subscription (as well as a 20% discount on a longer purchase).

Huge, expanded manual

Get all of the information you need in this expanded, detailed manual. Over 240 perfectly-bound pages for long life durability.

Ten Golden Ticket Chances!
Don't forget that there will be 10 Trainz Golden Tickets out there - and they can only be found in this special 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition of Trainz.

(*As at Dec 12, 2017, two yet to be redeemed)


New Features

Amongst a variety of other improvements, TS12 features the following major items:

  • Satellite View - The free-roaming camera can now be seamlessly zoomed beyond the traditional ~300m viewing distance, all the way up to the ~10km range previously only afforded by the separate map view.
  • Trainz Multiplayer - TS12 is the first retail version of Trainz to support online multiplayer. (It's also the first train simulator to do so.) Assorted multiplayer sessions will be available in the box, and regular updates with additional multiplayer gameplay experiences are made freely available via the Download Station.
  • Doppler - We've undertaken an overhaul of the sound system for TS12 and taken the opportunity to include doppler calculations for added realism. 

New Routes

  • Mojave Sub Division - A prototypical US freight route set in the 1990s, including a selection of ATSF and SP diesels such as the GP60M, B40-8W, SD40T and SD45. Over sixty miles of challenging driving through the Californian desert.
  • ECML Kings Cross - Newcastle - An improved and extended version of the prototypical British route you know and love from TS2010, set in the 1970s 'blue diesel' era.
  • Balezino - Mosti - An incredibly detailed fictional route set in the Russia's modern era. This route features electric locomotives and provides an excellent in-cab driving experience.
  • Southern China - Set in China's modern era, this fictional but stunningly realistic route features diesel locomotives such as the DF7C, ND5, DF11, and DF11G.
  • Municipal transit railway - A fictional North American city with streetcars and an elevated commuter railroad.
  • Norfolk & Western - Appalachian Coal - A late 1950s route with long coal trains and articulated steam locos and featuring a true icon of North American steam - the N&W Y6b 2-8-8-2.
  • Debrecen - Nyiredyhaza - A prototypical Hungarian route set in the modern era. This route features both electric and diesel locomotives and provides an excellent in-cab driving experience.
  • Northeast Corridor - Wilmington To Philadelphia - Thirty miles of route through dense urban landscape on the premier U.S. passenger mainline, Amtrak's North East Corridor. Set in the modern era.

New Content

New and Improved SpeedTree content.
New high-quality locos, stock, and cabs, including:

  • North American - N&W Y6B 2-8-8-2, EMD SD45 (ATSF and SP livery), GE C30-7 (ATSF livery), EMD GP60M and GP60B (ATSF livery), EMD SD40T-2 (SP livery), GE B40-8W (ATSF livery)
  • Hungarian - MAV M41, MAV M44, MAV V43, MAV V63
  • Chinese - DF7C
  • Russian - TBD.
  • .. and many more.

New industrial buildings, including a large hydroelectric dam.
Downtown buildings.
Timber-framed buildings. 

Trainz Nostalgia

To show how time files when you're having fun playing Trainz games for 15 years, 10 years ago youtuber "modef" created the montage parody that started them all...

With almost 3 million views, this parody video still has an incredible number of fans...

TS12 - Service Pack 1

SP1 delivered new DLC (Downloadable Content) capabilities, a new in-game navigation system, A.W.S. and much more. This was follwed by two more Hotfixes in rapid succession, then the much bigger SP1 HF4 version which was the final update to Trainz 12.

In other trivia relating to this HF4 update, can anyone explain any of the updates mentioned in this this link? Including:

  • Fixed an issue with Plumbot Trait Chips not appearing in the Adjust Trait Chip menu
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a teen to be trapped in a child’s body when travelling to the future at the exact moment of a birthday
  • Corrected a mannequin outfit issue when cloning the clothing pedestal

10th Anniversary Edition Giveaway Conditions:

  • Purchase ANY product priced at $1.99 or more on store.trainzportal.com between 07:00 a.m. Dec 05 and 11:59 p.m. Dec 19, 2016 AEST to go into the random draw
  • Order must be complete (i.e. payment processed) to qualify
  • The lucky customer with the order # selected in the random draw will be contacted via email to confirm their shipping address details
  • We will then mail the 10th Anniversary Edition to them.

Click here to go to the store


When we started our 15th Anniversary Collection promotion, there were just 13 people in the world who owned all 11 items listed in our full Trainz Collection

Over the past week and a half, we have had over 10,000 people download Trainz V1 with many of them just beginning their Trainz journey.

Each day we've re-released a version of Trainz from the past. 

We've seen hundreds of people taking advantage of the opportunity to top up the missing items from their collection.

Each day, more and more people are joining in and we've seen a huge number of people who had been part of the Trainz Community at some point over the past 15 years return to check out what's happening during our Anniversary.

With the release of TS2010 this morning, more than 20 people snapped up a bargain in the first hour it went on sale.

How many people will complete their collection and earn a $15 bonus reward from our store and earn the "15th Anniversary Collection" forum icon?

Trainz Simulator 12 Reduced to $9.99

As part of our 15th Anniversary Celebration, Trainz Sim 12 is now reduced to $9.99 for one week only.

Or, for just $5 more, grab the Trainz 12 Gold Edition which comes with Trainz DLC: Chinese Electric SS4 Heavy Coal Pack and a 1 Week First Class Ticket.