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Frecciarossa - Upcoming for TRS2019

By Tony_Hilliam, July 06 2018

Trainz Simulator 2019 will be our most realistic Trainz of all time, with new lighting, shaders and materials. What this means in practical terms, is that we're moving towards "photorealistic" content.

One of our best content creators, 3DZUG, is already well known for extraordinary realism and outstanding quality, including the nostalgic gems, the Orient-Express and the Rheingold. Recognizing the possibilities offered by TRS2019, 3DZUG just had to create a new vehicle which would demonstrate how much the new version of Trainz was capable of.

This stunning train set will be made available as DLC for TRS2019.

From the creator:

Our new gem goes to the next level beyond its predecessor - modern, complicated, breathtaking and, above all, pretty damn quick. Have you ever seen a speedometer which actually indicated a driving speed of 400 km/h?

We will set new standards with our new series of vehicles Pro Trainz (Professional Trainz), which is custom-built for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019! We are extremely proud to present to you one of the most beautiful trains in the world - Trenitalia's ETR 1000 „Frecciarossa“.

Eight ultramodern carriages and four different classes illustrate the power of Trainz. Not only did we made every single axis designation available, but even the smallest detail, resulting in a Trainz experience that is entirely without precedent for you.

Whether you wish to be a train driver in a driver’s cab, discover the loving care with which every single carriage has been realised or whether you want to look through an entire - front to rear - 200 m long train:  all that and a good deal more is possible in our „Frecciarossa“. Designed entirely in PBR, the new 3DZUG gem offers an absolutely unprecedented driving experience in Trainz.

In the coming weeks, we will provide you with further glimpses of the carriages and will also show you a few details to each wagon.