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Latest SP3 Beta Update Released

By Tony_Hilliam, May 18 2018

Build 93871 is now available for Beta Testers, updating in the usual way. (Sorry PC only at this stage).

Patch from 93467 to 93718 to 93871

Changelist Fixes

  • Couple slack "gap" appears to be way too wide
  • Trigger Check Rule doesn't respond when using the direction clause 
  • Test Track main menu bar not showing
  • Bookmark 0 hotkey not working
  • Fix bookmark modifier keys
  • Remove some non-existant and unused keyboard shortcuts
  • SpecsManager::Clear> leaked Specs: (...) - <kuid:401543:3201> "Interlocking Tower Edit Helper" 
  • Double click to preview DLS asset shows "downloading preview..." forever
  • Filtering on DownloadStation on new local folder creates long stall
  • Stop Train command not available when resuming saved game
  • Cab view cursor gets "stuck" on camera change
  • Merging 5m grid to 10m causes seam issues
  • Assertion - SpecReference::operator-> > accessing NULL spec (w\ CTD)
  • Enable Controller support (Raildriver is very close - not quite ready yet)
  • Variable Show rule cannot show a variable.
  • "System is in the wrong state to start a MP game" (logging)
  • Exiting map when zoomed out takes a long time
  • andi06 Gresley and AEC railcar assets appear with black windows
  • Speedtree self-shadowing issue
  • "multiplayer rule" has greyed out options that are active
  • MP - "Hide Game Chat Window" does not work
  • Arrow keys not working in mini-map while "message popup" window open
  • Track reverts to default track condition when a new spline point is inserted
  • Trackmarks and triggers can be moved onto object splines
  • Surveyor - Cannot add selected items to empty picklist
  • Fill Grid fills using wrong orientation