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New SP3 Beta Update Ready for Testing

By Tony_Hilliam, April 30 2018

We've prepared a new build for our TANE SP3 Beta Testers. It appears we're getting very close to the next official update, so we would encourage all our beta testers to update and test the latest build.

There is a two step patch from 93104 to 93306 then to 93467 (PC)

and for Mac users from 93109 to 93307 to 93471.

Changelist: 93104 to 93467

  • Driver AI change to address certain edge case trackmark navigation issues
  • Track height not taking World origin height into account
  • Merge route minimap - baseboards disappear based upon zoom range and position
  • Random height variations between 90945 SP2 and 93104 SP3
  • Textures missing along baseboard seams on imported routes
  • Baseboard texturing undoes along seam when adjusting height
  • Content Manager hangs when Manage Content as Thumbnails
  • Assertion - CreateItem: Effect not created. This implies an invalid effect name
  • MP - Game Settings button does nothing
  • MP - Host shown as "left room" in chat window when client joins
  • MP - Client product queue "loads" not seen by client or host unless host close by
  • CTD when closing script debugger
  • CTD when changing time in Schedule Rule
  • CTD - loading 2nd saved game after closing the first (with select payware)
  • Getting a false Error VE182 from CM;
  • [Mac] Sky colors and skybox not working correctly
  • Route Merge w\ Missing Assets Freezes TANE
  • Product Load dialog does not auto-highlight text field
  • Default plate texture is wrong on BNSF50's crossings and can't be adjusted
  • (Texture replacement fix - fixes a number of similar issues)
  • Build doesn't show any DLC items under Purchase Content
  • Oil Spill alpha not working
  • De/Selecting consist in Map view takes you to world view
  • Loco headlights reveal black box around street lamps in night time scenario
  • All routes are showing as "G Scale"