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TANE Service Pack 1 Hotfix 2 now available

By Tony_Hilliam, March 18 2016

Service Pack 1 Hotfix 2 addresses a map saving issue introduced in the previous update, making in a very highly recommended update.

Public Stream patches are currently available from:

  • 81276 (Beta) > 81296
  • 81190 > 81296
  • 81178 > 81324
  • 81172 > 81321
  • and Steam PC version (81318)

We are still preparing the Mac releases and will post these as soon as internal testing is complete.

Beta Testers will not need a further update from 81296 and can still patch from 81276 if required.

If you have experienced any map corruption issues this week (where track or attached industries have disappeared after saving), then a backup copy of your route should exist in your backups folder of your local data folder.

This Knowledge Base article explains how to restore your backup copy and avoid losing any data. Of course we recommend you also have your own backup scheme in place in case all data is lost due to hardware failure etc.

NOTE: Corrupted maps will not be repaired by this update. You will need to restore a backup copy to recover any lost work.


Please allow the database repair to fully complete prior to opening Content Manager or the TANE game window. Once your patch has completed, you will see the engine startup window which generally takes a few minutes (this is rebuilding shaders that have changed for reflections etc). Then the db repair takes ~10 minutes (depending on your hardware and size of the installed content which may take much longer).

Until this db repair is complete, you will most likely have empty menus or data corruption issues which may even remain empty even after the db repair has finished unless you restart TANE.