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TANE SP3 Preview weekend

By Tony_Hilliam, June 15 2018

Trainz A New Era Service Pack 3 - Preview Weekend

After many thousands of hours of updates and tweaks, and ten times that amount of external testing, now is the time to get as many people checking out the latest version of TANE prior to official release of this latest massive update.

If you have build 90945 (PC) or 90946 (Mac) installed, you can patch directly to the SP3 "Release Candidate". It will only take a few minutes to update your build (the patch is less than 100MB). 

Follow these simple steps to update:

  1. Start TANE build 90945/6
  2. Click Trainz Settings then Install Tab
  3. Click "Change T:ANE update stream"
  4. Ensure you have the correct install path then click Next
  5. Ensure you have the correct username then click Next
  6. If the Stream says Beta Release, you are ready to patch. If it says Public Release then click Change Stream...
  7. Enter your MyTrainz Username and Password
  8. Click "Change Stream" and select Beta Release then click Done
  9. The patch option should now appear and click Continue
  10. If the option doesn't appear, click on Check for Updates to force the patch selection.
  11. After the "Checking for available patches" message, check you are patching to the correct version then click "Apply patch"
  12. Follow the prompts to update your build.

You're now ready to check out the latest version of TANE. Please leave us your feedback about the build at the Trainz forums.