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TRS19 Early Access - Additional Content

Brand new and updated content 

In addition to code improvements, the first official update for our TRS19 Early Access customers includes an enormous content update. We've assembled over $100 worth of locos, rolling stock, scenery, track and trackside objects.

The majority of this content is created by Jointed Rail and is made using new PBR materials. It is primarily focussed on the Canadian region for use in the upcoming "Rocky Mountains - Golden, BC" route.

Here's a summary of the new/updated content:

  • 11 Locos
  • 58 Rolling Stock
  • 71 Commodities
  • 65 Buildings
  • 1 Industry
  • 21 People
  • 12 Roads
  • 62 Scenery items
  • 7 Splines
  • 25 Textures
  • 21 Tracks
  • 73 Track Objects

We've also put together some highlights for you below.


Locos Included:




CN_GP9 Phase I

CN_GP9 Phase II

CN_SD40 Phase II

CN/IC SD40-2


PB15 (Full PBR Update)




Rolling Stock Included:

Here's just a taste of the range of rolling stock included in this update, with over 50 other boxcars, hoppers, tank cars, flat cars, you name it, included!