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Gold Class Membership - Early Access


UPDATED DEC 21, 2018

Choose either Gold Class membership or order from the Trainz store to get TRS19 right now. 

Trainz Store orders get a bonus 30 Day FCT, while Gold Class members get hundreds of dollars of added value (see below for the details).

Whichever option you choose, you can begin enjoying the latest version of Trainz today.

What is TRS19 Early Access?

Early Access is a fully featured pre-release version of TRS19, but does not include all the final content. 

  • Trainz A New Era routes, sessions and DLC items will be made available to TANE owners during the Early Access period.
  • Additional TRS19 "built-in" content will be released throughout the Early Access period as Downloadable DLC
  • Additional polish, bug fixing and features will be added prior to release via regular free patch updates.

Early Access Install

For Early Access, we've made it easy to jump in and get started by limiting the initial download to 7.5GB of essentials. This includes the updated Kickstarter County route, 4 sessions and 10 tutorials. There's also a "Content Sample" route to show off some of the new content and graphics features.

What's Included in TRS19?

TRS19 initial install includes Kickstarter County 2 and a Content Sample route to showcase a range of the new content.

The remainder of the "built-in" content set is available as free DLC (Downloadable Content) once you Start TANE.exe to bring up the Launcher (the initial launch screen), then click Trainz Settings, then Install tabTRS19 and start the game. You can choose to download all packages at once, or download the routes one at a time and wait until you're ready to enjoy the next installment. The following routes are included:

  • Sebino, Italy
  • Endinburgh - Dundee
  • Canadian Rockies, Golden BC
  • 1930's Cornish Mainline 2
  • Niddertalbahn 2

There will also be code updates as we continue to tweak and polish TRS19 prior to official release.

TANE Owners (Including Deluxe and Platinum Editions)

All TANE owners will immediately be able to redownload the four TANE built-in routes and many of the DLC items using the in-game "Asset Download" window.

All Deluxe and Platinum content, and all TANE DLC will be available in-game for download prior to the official release. We will advise the progress of the availability of this content through our weekly newsletter, and you will automatically be prompted in-game when it is ready for download.

Additional DLC items will become available through the coming weeks.

NOTE: You cannot import built-in or DLC content directly from TANE as there will be problems with missing textures and/or missing dependencies. 

Experience More Trainz with Gold Class

The Gold Class membership option includes much more than the basic Trainz Store version. In addition to everything above, you also get:

  • A First Class Ticket (worth $7.49 a month when purchased separately)
  • A 25% Discount Code on our store
  • A HUGE range of DLC items included (over $200 worth to start)
  • 5 more DLC items to choose from each month (that's 5 in August and 5 in September if you join this month)
  • New Trainz PLUS features before anyone else gets to see them (beginning post-release)
  • And a Preview Pass of all new DLC items before you can buy them on the store

Please note that Silver Class members get this same selection for TANE (except the TRS19-only KSC2 and Content Samples of course). They can also pre-order TRS19 to enjoy the content listed below.

Gold and Silver Class Content

Routes Included in TRS19 + Content Vault Start Pack

Sessions in TRS19 + Content Vault Start Pack

More Sessions

Locomotives in TRS19 + Content Vault Start Pack

Lots of Locomotives

Yes More Locomotives

We told you there were alot!

Rolling Stock...

And even more rolling stock!

August Monthly Selection

For both our Gold Class and Silver Class members, the August "Monthly Selection" contains 12 items to choose from. You have 5 selections each month, and once selected, your choice cannot be altered. Please ensure you choose wisely.

The August Monthly Selection (shown below) is available until Agust 31st, and the September Monthly Selection will be available at 12:00 midday on September 1st AEST.

This means that if you join before August 31, you get to choose 5 items this month, and 5 items for next month almost straight away!

September Monthly Collection

This will be announced at the end of August 

Of course that's not all you get. (But wait, there's more...!)

Store Discounts

Your Gold membership also gets you 25% off all digital items in store.

Active FCT Discount

When joining Silver Class or Gold Class, all owners of an active FCT as at August 23, 2018 receive a discount of $2 per full month remaining on their FCT. e.g. If you have an annual FCT that expires December 2, you have 3 full months remaining, so you get a $2 discount for Sept, Oct, Nov.

Preview Pass (Gold Class)

Next week (early Sept) we will announce the first Preview Pass DLC item for you to enjoy as part of your Gold Class package.

Trainz Plus (Gold Class)

We're working on new features to be included post-release of TRS19. And Gold Class members will be first to experience these great new features.

We'll be working with our gold Class members to figure out exactly which features go on the list, so stay tuned to our TRS19 newsletter for more details.


You can find out more about updating your Early Access build on our FAQ page