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Next TANE Beta Update - Ready for Testing

By Tony_Hilliam, March 09 2018

Thanks once again to all our beta testers who have spent many hours testing Trainz on behalf of the many thousands of fans out there looking forwad to the next free update. We've made a bunch of changes listed below and we're still also working hard on updates the the next version of Trainz, so stay tuned for more news once we've added some more polish in preparation for external testing.

The best news is that it appears the majority of Driver AI issues have been resolved and we've had no additional reports of items going missing or appearing in the wrong location. We're still investigating some edge cases for AI and as reported elsewhere, our longer term goal is to provide tools to allow much easier debugging of the Driver AI so you can see exactly what and why things are happening with each driver.

Changelist 92273 to 92478:

  • Steam loco sound cuts out at 10mph
  • Driver Commands Lost on Reloaded Saved Session
  • Speed limit UI is removed after coupling using the edit tools in quickdrive
  • "LinkCouplings> vehicle already coupled" when using Train tab to couple
  • Driver exit crash fix
  • Alpha textures not working in Preview window
  • "RampingSound::OpenDatabase> already open" assertion loading save session
  • "TNIGraphicsResourceCache::ForceLoadPendingTextures>  when changing seasons 
  • CTRL+RMB only returns loco properties regardless of rolling stock selected
  • Surveyor Content Search Filter options not saving/loading
  • Roaming camera getting "stuck" outside the map bounds
  • 3D view visibility not being updated in some scenarios.
  • Localisation text word wrapping in various HUDs
  • Editable textbox fields not auto-highlighting 
  • Rolling Stock product queue sometimes fails to render

Beta Testing Registration

Since this is a new round of external Beta Testing we’ve reset the Beta access listing (i.e. everyone will need to re-apply to become a tester for this next phase of testing.

Any existing TANE owners wishing to take part can click on the link below and complete the Registration Form. We’ll then add you to the Beta list and provide you with the details to access the new build in the coming days.

Please note that this beta test is not for Trainz “Next” which will begin testing a little later down the track once we’re close to release of that version.

Beta Test Registration Form

Click above to register.