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How full is your Trainz glass?
February 02 2018

You love Trainz (and trains) - after all, that's why you're here. But why can't things be better than they are? Read on...

TANE SP2 vs. Trainz “Next”
January 25 2018

While we still haven't announced the real name, we can tell you that Trainz "Next" is taking shape. This week we've provided you a side by side in-game comparison...

Seasonal Support for Procedural Track
January 19 2018

When the season's change, so does the look of your route. To help things along. we're now adding seasonal support for procedural track. Read more...

Trainz Dev Diary - Another sneak peek
January 12 2018

We're getting closer to that exciting time when we can tell you everything about the next version of Trainz. For now, take a look at this in-game footage we've put together.

Parallax Ground Textures
December 07 2017

This week we provide a selection of parallax (height-mapped) ground textures for your viewing pleasure.

Trainz Dev - Turf Effect Layers (sneak peek)
November 30 2017

Clutter is just one way you can use the new Effect Layers. We’ve been working with NVIDIA on their new Turf simulation software (NVIDIA Turf Effects) to incorporate this into the Trainz engine using Effect Layers.

Trainz Dev Diary - Detail Maps (micro detail)
November 22 2017

Previously we used detail maps for macro-detailing on the terrain textures, and now in this tutorial we use a detail map for micro-detailing.

Sneak Peek - Early In-Development In-game Video
November 17 2017

We took some in-game footage this week and felt we just had to share it with our fans to catch an early glimpse of how things are coming together...

Crossfade LOD Transitions for Clutter Effects
November 09 2017

For the TRS18 clutter effect, we offer new crossfade LOD transitions which mask any ugly mesh swaps by fading one mesh into the other over a certain distance.
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