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Community Profile - John Citron
April 27 2018

Trainz is a great escape from the real world when there are those rotten things going on, when one is ill, suffering from personal crisis, or as a way to wile away the time while enjoying one's creative abilities... Read on to find out more about John's perspective on Trainz.

Community Profile - railhead001
April 13 2018

Meet one of our newer Trainz fans - railhead001. With an interest in model railroading, railhead001 has released a range of routes on the Trainz Download Station. This is his story...

Content Creator - Live Chat
March 21 2018

We have setup a Live Chat service for Content Creators to talk in real-time amongst themselves and with the Trainz Team at certain times of the week on all things Trainz Content.

Lighting Brightness Slider
March 16 2018

Trainz has always provided the option for users to modify the environment settings. You'll soon be able to further improve your in-game lighting with the new "Light Brightness" slider.

Convert Old Ground Textures to PBR / Parallax
February 22 2018

Discover the techniques required to update your textures to the new PBR / Parallax format for Trainz "Next".

Trainz to support any modelling software.
February 16 2018

Over the years Trainz has been very 3DS-Max focused for asset creation - but not anymore!

How full is your Trainz glass?
February 02 2018

You love Trainz (and trains) - after all, that's why you're here. But why can't things be better than they are? Read on...

TANE SP2 vs. Trainz “Next”
January 25 2018

While we still haven't announced the real name, we can tell you that Trainz "Next" is taking shape. This week we've provided you a side by side in-game comparison...

Seasonal Support for Procedural Track
January 19 2018

When the season's change, so does the look of your route. To help things along. we're now adding seasonal support for procedural track. Read more...
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