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Class 153 - Work In Progress
April 03 2020

Our British Rail Class 153 is currently taking shape, and this blog brings you up to date on some of what goes into making a new asset for Trainz.

Celebrating 19 Years on Planet Auran
August 16 2019

Rob "That's-all-there-is-to-it" Shaw recollects his time since the early days of Trainz.

Making of a BR Class 37 cab - Part 4
June 28 2019

We're at the final polish stages now and almost ready for some external testing. What a change in a month!

Making of a BR Class 37 cab - Part 3
June 20 2019

It's time to get interactive! With modelling and texturing more or less complete, it's now time to split all the components into parts that can be used by players in-game.

Making of a BR Class 37 cab - Part 2
June 14 2019

This week in our blog series showing the development of a cab interior we take you through the texturing stages.

Making of a BR Class 37 Cab - Part 1
June 07 2019

Have you ever wondered how realistic looking items are created for Trainz? This blog series will take you though each of the stages in real time showing the development of a cab interior.

Silvergull - Flat Earth Railway
May 10 2019

With life being far to short to recreate the entire Australian railroad network in detail, Silvergull is focussing on recreating realistic track, based upon real world diagrams, at elevation 0...

Instant Route and Session Editing
May 10 2019

The next new feature for our Trainz Plus members is nearly ready for testing, and it's a beauty! You'll soon be able to switch back and forward between driving and editing modes with the click of your mouse...

Content Foundry
February 28 2019

Creating content isn't easy. It takes skill, knowledge, patience and more. But we're making it easier with a new "Content Foundry" module for Trainz
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