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Content Creator Story - Daniel Gollery - trainboi1
October 21 2022

The thing that got me into content creation was a private model of a Midland 2P, with a comment that said something to the effect of "I learned to make this; if you want it, you can too".

Content Creator Story - Aleksander Modliński - cebar3 - ZiuT
October 06 2022

So when did my journey begin? I first met Trainz when I was a child, I might've been 3 at that time. My dad found TRS2004 demo and it quickly became my favorite game.

Content Creator Story – Ed Heaps (edh6)
September 23 2022

My name is Ed Heaps and I am a British based creator for Trainz, mainly creating locomotives and rolling stock.

Content Creator Story – Bob Cooper (Robert3a0)
September 09 2022

I first encountered Trainz in 2002, when I bought the first version of Trainz by Planet Auran. Although the original version was rudimentary by today’s standards, I found I got a great deal of enjoyment constructing and testing new routes.

Multiplayer Surveyor - Build and Operate
May 05 2022

Our latest round of Multiplayer Surveyor Stress Testing is complete and so here's an update on what we learned.

Help Support Oleg Khimich
March 11 2022

Oleg has been part of the Trainz community for 15 years and on Feb 24, 2022 his world changed forever. Read his story and learn how you can help.

Q&A with the MPS Beta Crew
November 11 2020

When we asked for beta testers for MPS, this group of testers started out trying to break things, and now there a close knit group making things! We speak today with "NJP" (probably because he likes to talk a bit more than the other guys) ;)

Q&A with The Iron Horsemen
November 10 2020

The story of a group of friends who found a whole new way of creating their dream railroad together online.

T Class Cab
August 13 2020

Take a look at the latest "behind the scenes" information on the modelling process for our newest work in progress loco cab.
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