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Trainz Team on Tour: InnoTrans 2018
September 27 2018

Join the Trainz Team on tour as they take you through InnoTrans 2018!

“Open” Beta Testing - Is it for you?
August 31 2018

With two products going into beta testing today, we've written a short article to give you the low down on what you can expect. Find out if you have what it takes to become a beta tester...

Community Profile - Gary Hartmann
August 20 2018

Passionate about trains, and now passionate about Trainz - meet Gary (Heinrich505) in our latest Community Profile interview.

Content Samples - New Tools, Materials and Techniques
August 10 2018

We've included a Content Samples map in TRS19 for the assistance of all our route creators (and would be route creators). Take a look at the new materials with these in-game shots.

Interview with hminky
June 22 2018

Harold has been a train fan all his life, and joined the Trainz community back in 2009. This week CEO Tony Hilliam asked Harold to give his Closed Beta impressions about the upcoming Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019...

Comparison shots of TANE vs TRS2019
June 21 2018

We're getting closer to the time when everyone can start playing with their own environmental settings in Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019, but for now, we've prepared some comparison shots for you overlooking "Kickstarter County".

TRS2019 Hardware Requirements
June 08 2018

The question everyone has been asking - "What sort of machine will I need to run TRS2019?". Read on for the answers...

Privacy Policy Update
May 25 2018

If you live in the EEA or subscribe to services that have customers in the EEA, then you are most likely aware of GDPR. As many of our customers reside in Europe, N3V Games has updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the new standards for data collection, usage and management.

Community Profile - John Citron
April 27 2018

Trainz is a great escape from the real world when there are those rotten things going on, when one is ill, suffering from personal crisis, or as a way to wile away the time while enjoying one's creative abilities... Read on to find out more about John's perspective on Trainz.
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