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Repairing Faulty Assets on The DLS
July 12 2013

If one of your favourite assets is faulty when downloaded from the DLS, you may wish to repair it and provide that repair to others. This may be particularly important for a content creator wishing to use that asset in their creation.

Content Validation Errors: Image Incorrectly Used as Texture.txt Source and Raw Image
July 05 2013

There are a number of new errors thrown up by content validation. Here we'll explain one of the most commonly shown by the download station approvals process.

The New Content Menu & The Trainz DLC System
July 01 2013

Trainz Simulator 12: Service Pack 1 introduces a new menu option, the 'New Content' menu. It has three tabs - Paid, Free, and Upload.

Content Validation Errors New in SP1: Tag Points to a Non-Existent File
June 21 2013

There are a number of new errors thrown up by content validation in SP1. One of the most common new errors and its solution are explained inside.

New Spline Fence & Vegetation Available for Route Builders
June 14 2013

We have uploaded some new content which may be of interest for route builders, these new assets are highly detailed, yet still efficient.

Content Creator Blog - The Source of Secrets
June 13 2013

Do the finer points of Trainz content creation sometimes seem elusive to you? Well, my friend you need flail around no more because the Trainz Content Creation Blog is here to guide you.

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