Comparison shots of TANE vs TRS2019

By Tony_Hilliam, June 21 2018

Yesterday, we released the images show below to our Trainz 2019 Newsletter subscribers and asked for their feedback. If you aren't on the list and want to stay in touch with all the latest TRS2019 news, click here.

Here is just a sample of the feedback...

Personally I think it looks BRILLIANT Jim S

This is mighty impressive. Heinrich

The before and after is like night and day. Martin K

Amazing images, a wonderful job you are all doing, clearer images and detail, brilliant. Eric H

The quality rivals anything I have seen in the latest flight simulator Prepar3d from Lockheed Martin. Peter M

The images are just what I had hoped could be had with TRS2019. I like! Robert M.

Very impressive developments with both the scenery and lighting effects. Peter L

… amazing – awesome – absolute great …DavEric


Trainz A New Era vs Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019

Click the images below to view a comparsion slide between Trainz A New Era vs TRS2019.

TANE 7a.m.

TRS19 7a.m.

TANE 10a.m.

TRS19 10a.m.

TANE 5p.m.

TRS19 5p.m.

And we'll leave you with a couple more shots...
Firstly, for those not used to Aussie sunshine, check out this mood changing miserable wet day...(click to enlarge).

And for those looking for more colour in their life, check out the RSVX Vegetation Train and a lash-up of CSX C40-8's