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Lighting Brightness Slider

By Tony_Hilliam, March 16 2018

Light Brightness Slider

In addition to all the awesome new materials and "Physically-Based Rendering" techniques we've covered in earlier Dev Diaries, we're also introducing new end-user controls to help customize the look and feel of your environment.

This week we take a look at the new Light Brightness slider, which, you guessed it, increases and decreases the amount of light in the scene.

Of course, having one control is never enough, and this new slider works in conjunction with the "Ambient" and "Sun" lighting controls many of you are used to. There will be a small learning curve to adjust to the new tools when they are introduced in the next version of Trainz, but we'll give you a quick peek at what's coming up.

We've used our test scene here (which uses all our test materials and assets) to illustrate the variety of lighting effect that will be possible.

Light Brightness setting similar to current Trainz brightness

Increase Light Brightness to provide a much brighter light

Decrease Sunlight and Increase Ambient settings to provide lighter shadows.

Cloudy day and don't want brightness? No problem. We've reduced the sunlight dial, increased the ambient dial to bring those lighting levels closer together. We also changed the skybox here to a cloudy version. If you want to remove shadows completely for that rainy day, that will be possible too.

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