Repairing Faulty Assets on The DLS

By Shaine Bennett, July 12 2013

If one of your favourite assets is faulty when downloaded from the DLS, you may wish to repair it and provide that repair to others. This may be particularly important for a content creator wishing to use that asset in their creation.

The Download Station Cleanup process allows a trainz user to repair assets created by other trainz content creators on the DLS. You can find some documentation about the process on the TrainzDev Wiki.

If you do decide to repair an asset, there are some things to bear in mind:

  • Also check to see if someone else has already claimed it. You might find someone else is already working on the asset you want fixed.
  • You must increase the KUID2 version number of the asset by precisely one version. You are not allowed to skip a version.
  • You will likely need to increase the trainz-build version number in order to meet the 'minimum requirement' level for the DLS, currently 2.9. The more this number changes, the more update work must be done to the asset to make it work at the new version number. Be aware that doing this work successfully can often be a bigger task than actually fixing whatever the error originally actually was.
  • Test your repaired content after changing the trainz-build number.
  • Test the repaired asset itself by placing it in a new map / session, not just using it in an existing map or session that happens to depend on it.
  • Upload the repair via the 'Upload Repair' link on the Download Station Cleanup website, not via Content Manager's uploader.
  • You get one chance to repair the content. Make sure you test it thoroughly and don't miss any problems.
  • Check first to ensure the asset is in the repair list. It might not have been added to the repair list yet. The reason there is a delay between something being detected as faulty and it appearing in the repair list is that we give content creators a chance to fix the asset themselves first, before opening it up for the community to fix.

In the past, there have been some repairs uploaded which while they technically passed validation, there were still problems -- up to and including the entire asset being invisible. If you discover one of these, first check whether it is in the DLS repair list. If it is not in the DLS repair list, then contact the helpdesk, and log a ticket in the 'Planet Auran' section -- if Helpdesk agree the asset needs repair, they will add it to the DLS repair list so you can claim it and repair it.