The New Content Menu & The Trainz DLC System

By Shaine Bennett, July 01 2013

TS12 SP1 introduces a new menu option, the 'New Content' menu. It has three tabs - Paid, Free, and Upload.

The 'Free' tab shows a list of routes and sessions on the Download Station that have been recently uploaded. These user created maps have received no testing beyond the normal automated DLS upload processing. We do not vet them for completeness, compatibility or quality.
The 'Upload' tab allows upload of routes and sessions that you have created. Once uploaded, they will appear on the DLS and in the 'Free' list for other users to download.
The 'Paid' tab is for Trainz paid DLC content. Here you will find quality content created either in-house or by our 3rd party content partners. All the content in this list has been QA tested by N3V Games.

At the release of TS12 SP1, the list of paid content available is the previous official DLC content packs - the three route addon packs (Settle and Carlisle, Murchison II, and Classic Cabon City), the 'Treez' scenery pack, and the six train packs (Blue Comet, Duchess, PRR T1, Coronation Scot, Aerotrain, and the BR Class 14).

Packs can be purchased in game, and will be automatically downloaded and installed. Users with limited bandwidth should note that these packs can be large, and will take significant time to download.
If a pack you have purchased is updated, the updated version will start to download next time you start Trainz.
Future official DLC releases will be added to this menu when they become available.

Content creators often wish to run a second Trainz install with no additional content installed as a clean environment for content development and testing. Unfortunately, the auto-download feature can be undesirable in this case, so we have an option to disable it. After Trainz has started, pull down the Main Menu, and select Options. In the General Settings tab, untick the Automatically download DLC updates option. With this unticked, Trainz will not attempt to download DLC products which you own, but do not have the latest version installed. Using this mechanism you can have an install with all your DLC content available, and a second install for development and testing which remains a clean and minimal setup.