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Community Profile - railhead001

By Tony_Hilliam, April 13 2018

Railhead001 - Biography:

Originally I grew up in the North East United States and now currently reside in the Southwest.  I grew up watching Conrail trains near where I lived and discovered my first issue of Model RailRoader in the 6th Grade. I still remember clearly it was on the N scale Clinchfield RailRoad series.  From that point on I was hooked.

I started off playing Microsoft’s Train Simulator and the original Trainz…………I have spent a lot of time with Train Simulator 2016/2017 but TMR17 has completely replaced it, lol.  I find it very relaxing designing the scenes you see instead of just operating the trains.

I enjoy good sci fi movies and good Chinese food.My favorite fallen flag railroads are Conrail and the Burlington Northern while the BNSF and CSX are my favorite Class I railroads.

I have always experimented with kit bashing since the original Trainz and found the desire came back to do so in TMR17. I am impressed with how far Trainz has come along since its inception and look forward to its evolution.

The route shown in the video below is available on the Trainz Download Station. 
KUID: <kuid:793180:100373> Pioneer eXpanded Double TANE
More information can be found at this forum link:

Route Background:

"First I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback I have received regarding my Pioneer eXpanded layouts. I also want to thank those who made suggestions as I was building the newest version in this series, without your feedback this would not have been possible. I am especially happy as how this turned out. The Pioneer expanded Double was made for those who not only like proto ops but enjoy watching trains. I have tested 6 different trains running in opposite directions (3 each way) continuously without any issues. You should be able to run up to 73' freight cars without problems.

This layout is only available for TANE users at this time because it uses TRC crossings which have been in issue when installed in TMR17. Some changes have been made to accept the double track and I believe they came out pretty good. As with all my updates, this one has some more details added namely additional people, information boards by bus stops and a new animated scene of 2 boys kicking a soccer ball back and forth in a yard. Also a functioning block signal system for both directions."


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