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Silvergull - Flat Earth Railway

By Tony_Hilliam, May 10 2019


I spent my early working career on the NSWGR as a Loco Cleaner progressing to Locomotive Fireman (20 May 1965) at Port Kembla.  I was Conscripted on 30 Jun 1965, returned to NSWGR at Enfield July 1967, joined the RAAF July 1969 and spent the rest of my working life there.

Promoted to Sergeant 1 August 1977 I was involved in Programming and Installing the first Computerized Supply Systems in the Australian Armed Forces before being Discharged (Medically) April 1986.

Trainz and Flat Earth Railway

Had to find some thing to do to keep my tiny little mind occupied, so being hooked on Computers and Trains, well that it up until now.

I started out with the original release of Trainz as “wizofau”, but did not upload anything until Feb 2011. I was then involved in Beta Testing TS2009, TS2010, T:ANE, TMR17, and now TRS2019 and now a Gold Class member as Silvergull.

FESGR started as FER (Flat Earth Railway) using “ARTC” Track Diagrams, creating a “Hub” for NSW. I then moved North South East and West, covering NSW (Port Botany, Illawarra, Albury, and Broken Hill.

Then QLD (to Acacia Ridge) then South Australia - Bordertown, Adelaide Region, North to Crystal Brooke, and East and West to the Borders of NSW and Western Australia.

As the distances are too great to create a full route I worked on “Sydney Metropolitan Area” trying to keep the distances between Locations to ”Real Scale” and using the concept if the track went mainly in to the “West” then that’s the way I laid track using the “ARTC” Track Diagrams.

The Flat Earth comes from Elevation being Zero, only going above or below Zero Elevation for Tunnels, Underpasses, Bridges, and the like.

The Regional Areas I tried to keep the separate locations to “Real Scale”, and joining them together with 1,2,3,4, and 5 Baseboard Templates.

That’s about it for the concept, only to say I wanted to run Trains all over Australia, and this was the easier and faster than any other method I found.

Had a lot of positive feedback from other users (and a few negative comments about straight lines and the like), but I do this to keep occupied, and upload so others may share in my Trainz Experience!

It has been a steep learning curve, but have learnt so much thanks to Auran and N3V.

My aim is to do all the Australian Capital Cities in “Real Scale” and Regional Areas by Location only, but in saying this I would really like some help with this Project especially with the Scenery Side of things I’m totally hopeless in this respect. Also someone to create working sessions (also hopeless with that side of things).

All my current works is based on Track Diagrams available from http://sa-trackandsignal.net/, link included with permission of Site Owners.