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Posted by: ameliase | Posted:2021-05-05 00:25:50

Caption: CSX Q217-16 passes St Denis MARC Station on Track 1 with ES44AH #3228 Leading with K5LA, 01/16/21

Tags: Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019, St Denis Refurbished 2020-2021, CSX ES44AH YN3b CSXT 3200 K5LA, Neoklai foreman, CSX ES44AH YN3TL CSXT 966 K5HL, CSX ES40DC YN3 CSXT 5215 K5HL, CSX ES44AH YN3b CSXT 3157 K5HL, CSX ET44AH YN3b CSXT 3251 K5HL, CSX CW44AC YN3 CSXT 447 K5LA, CSX CW44AC YN2 CSXT 246 K5LA, 89Ft Autorack TFM, Autorack+ Tri-Level CTTX CSX #, Autorack+ Tri-Level ETTX Union Pacific (Building America)#

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