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Posted by: duskeyduskey | Posted:2021-08-02 06:36:55

Caption: Akita E6 and Tohoku 100 Series on Icarus Shinkansen.

Tags: Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019, Icarus Shinkansen v 2.0 WIP TANE SP3, KHB - [JP] Shinkansen Sanyo-100Kei TCp(1), Akita E6-kei Shinkansen-01[JRC], KHB - [JP] Shinkansen Sanyo-100Kei M(3), KHB - [JP] Shinkansen Sanyo-100Kei P(2), Akita E6-kei Shinkansen-04-05[JRC], KHB - [JP] Shinkansen Sanyo-100Kei TC(1), Akita E6-kei Shinkansen-03[JRC], Akita E6-kei Shinkansen-02[JRC], ALFA-X 01 Experimental Shinkansen [JRC], ALFA-X 02/04/06/08 Experimental Shinkansen [JRC]

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