15th Anniversary Celebrations Commence

By Tony_Hilliam, December 01 2016

Join us for 15 Years of Trainz celebrated over 15 days

Commemorate 15 fantastic years of Trainz and experience for yourself the entire journey throughout the development of Trainz from 2001 right up to 2016.

Join us each day, over the next 15 days, to discover more about each Trainz product release and how the product has continually evolved over the years.

Many of you were already on board 15 years ago when Trainz originally rolled out of the station, but you're still sure to find out something new during our 15 days of updates.

Some Trainz fans weren’t even born when Trainz was first released. Those youngsters who love Trainz today have probably never heard of a Pentium II computer or a dial-up modem.

There are probably also a few wives who wish their husband had never heard of a Pentium II, or an Intel i5 or i7 or GeForce GTX 1080 Ti either.

We've come a long way since that very first release culminating in our latest edition to celebrate our 15th Anniversary - Trainz Model Railroad 2017.

Announcing the "15th Anniversary Collection"

Our 15th Anniversary Celebration is all about discovering the rich history of Trainz but also about completing your Trainz Timeline.

We’ve put together a list of global Trainz releases since the very first release in December 2001 that together make up our “15th Anniversary Collection” 

Collect and experience first-hand every Trainz Edition released throughout the years and earn some great rewards.

Qualifying PC Products:

The 11 products above comprise the full “15th Anniversary Collection”. Complete your collection over the next 15 days and earn some great rewards.

15th Anniversary - Special Offers

It is the season to be giving, and N3V Games are delivering gifts to reward all our customers who have supported us over the years.

We have put together a range of Discount Codes that will appear on your MyTrainz account for convenience. (See the fine print below for more information).

OFFER 1: Trainz Registration Discount Offer

For each version listed above that was registered at midnight last night, we have provided you with a $2 Discount Code. 

If you own 3 products on this list you will receive a $6 Discount Code. If you own all 10 PC products prior to TMR17, that’s the maximum $20 Discount. (See Offer 2 below if you own already TMR17).

Also, if you have registered either one or two products only, we've rounded your reward up to $5.00.

This Discount Code applies only to our latest release, Trainz Model Railroad 2017, and the code will expire in 90 days. 

OFFER 2: TMR17 Pre-order Customers

If you pre-ordered TMR17, as early adopters we are very happy to offer you the same $2 per product as above PLUS a Bonus $5 added to your reward.

In addition, your Code applies to any product in our store, at any time in the next 12 months. Thank you once again for your support.

OFFER 3: 15th Anniversary “Complete your Collection” Bonus Discount

Register all 10 PC Editions listed above, PLUS TMR17 by the end of our 15th Anniversary Celebration (on December 19), and we will reward you with an EXTRA $15 Discount Code that you can apply toward any product on our store (valid for 1 year).*

You will also receive a forum icon denoting that you own the complete “15th Anniversary Collection”.

COMPLETING YOUR "15th Anniversary Collection"

To check how many items your have from the list, simply log in to our Trainz forums. Under your name you will see a list of all your registered products. 

Each day for the next 8 days we will be re-releasing each of the unsupported versions of Trainz via our store. This means that on December 6 you will be able to download the original version of Trainz (and we've made the original version FREE).

The next day, Ultimate Trainz Collection will be available for $1.99 and so on. These items will remain on sale until Dec 19 when our 15 day, 15th Anniversary Celebration ends.


Log on to MyTrainz and click on My Discount Codes. Copy your Discount Code to your clipboard and paste it into the box during Checkout on our new online store at store.trainportal.com.

Mac Users

We recognize that this offer is PC-centric, but please remember it is the 15th Anniversary for PC users and TMR17 is currently PC only as well. We also realize that Mac got off to a slow start in the world of Trainz, but things have improved greatly and will continue to do so. As compensation for missing out on all the fun above, we would still like to reward you now (and no doubt again when we reach our 10 Year "Mac" Anniversary). Separate from any PC product reward you receive, we have provided all registered Mac users with a $5 Discount Code.

Mobile Users

With the very different pricing model for mobile, and due to the structure of the app market, we are unable to offer any rewards through our online store at this time.

Enrol for 15 Days of Nostalgia and Discovery

Join us each day as we go behind the scenes for each product release since 2001 to find out some of the decisions made (including some that you may never have known about).

For daily or weekly updates, simply complete the form below and select the Newsletter and 15th Anniversary Celebration options.* indicates required

15th Anniversary Celebration

Note: If you are already registered for the Trainz Newsletter, after clicking Subscribe, click on the Update Link and you will be sent a link via your email to update your existing profile.
Also, after the 15th Anniversary Celebration ends, we will not send any further emails to this email group.

The Fine Print

  • DISCOUNT CODES: Codes are redeemable only through store.trainzportal.com. The reward amount for the first Code was calculated as at the start of our 15th Anniversary Celebration on December 5, 2016 for items registred via MyTrainz/Planet Auran. The code applies only to TMR17 and is valid for 90 days.
  • COLLECTOR: To qualify for the Extra $15 Discount Code and the "15th Anniversary Collection" forum icon, you must purchase and register the missing products from the list above (including TMR17) prior to the end of our 15 day celebration, which ends at midnight December 19 AEST. Vouchers and icons will be awarded on or prior to Dec 22nd.
  • MYTRAINZ ACCOUNTS: We understand that many of you have created various accounts over the years due to changes of email address and other things. If you have purchased items under different accounts, now is the time to let us know the details of each account via [email protected] Please include possible usernames, old email addresses, serial numbers (which you can find on the original box) and your likely registration name and year account was created. Once we have identified two or more accounts belonging to one person, we can combine your discount vouchers into one code (there is a limit of one code to be used per purchase).
  • OTHER VERSIONS: For Pro Trainz Perfect 2 customers, and various Trainz Railroad Simulator/Railway Simulator 12 products, you have also received a $2 discount code.
  • MAXIMUM REWARD; The maximum reward for your "currently registered products" is $20.00.
  • UNSUPPORTED PRODUCTS; We have checked that the products work on Win 7, 8 and 10 although we do expect some issues to appear. We will offer refund should any of the unsupported products not work for you prior to our Dec 22 close of this promotion.
  • TMR17: For TANE owners, if you purchase TRM17 during this promotion, you will receive the stand-alone product now and the full DLC bundle when TANE SP2 is released next year.