TANE Service Pack 1 Hotfix 4 now available

By Tony_Hilliam, October 14 2016

We are pleased to announce that preparations are well underway to release the latest update for TANE. Builds are complete so the next step we will release online "Public Stream" patches for various builds as they become available, get  tested and then released.

Following the online patches we will provide offline versions and full installers. The Mac App Store version is also with Apple for review and is likely to be released any time in the next week or so.

The online updates to the latest version of TANE will be as follows: (ensure your Patch Stream is set to Public Release and you will be prompted when the patch for your version is available).


PC Build 82718 > 84204** (LIVE)
Mac Build 82867 > 84219 (LIVE)
PC Build 82848 > 84352* (LIVE)
PC Build 82851 > 84356* (LIVE)
PC Steam Build 82828 > 84361 (LIVE)
Mac Steam Build 81335 > 84357 (LIVE)
Mac App Store Build 82876 > 84414 (LIVE)

* Ensure "Disable online features" is unticked and restart TANE to update
** Current Beta Testers already have this version so do not need to do anything to update.

Offline updates and installers are now also available from the main patching page.

The list of updates since SP1 HF3 includes:

  • LOD processing has been rebalanced to reduce the amount of time between LOD updates when operating in dense scenes with high draw distance.
  • Fixed a bug preventing copy and paste of Rules in the Edit Session window.
  • Cabin tooltips now disappear when switching to cabin-exterior views.
  • Track and Road spline smooth and straighten tools now respect spline type.
  • Trackside objects are no longer movable to (or on) non-track splines.
  • Fixed a case where the "Interlocking Tower Set Path" rule would fail if it was executed very early in a session.
  • "a.outsideview" attachments now stay oriented with the train.
  • The paste tool button now correctly displays whether the tool is currently active.
  • Fixed the copy&paste absolute/relative height buttons re-enabling themselves when changing edit modes.
  • Prevented the addition of duplicate picklist entries in TrainzContent.
  • Clicking on Signals controlled by an Interlocking Tower now takes the user to the tower.
  • Surveyor Asset Pickers no longer clear their selection when their text is copied.
  • In-game numeric edit boxes will now allow negative values while the text is selected.
  • Using the bookmark buttons on the Search Panel no longer causes the 3D view to lose keyboard focus.
  • The Surveyor Mini-map window position is now saved between runs.
  • Ruler labels now disappear based on draw distance setting in surveyor.
  • The “Hide Interface” (F5 / ctrl-space) hotkeys no longer interferes with satellite view.
  • Fixed an issue where minimap text labels would be oversized on maps that are far above sea level.
  • The mouse cursor now shows as an "arrow" when dragging columns in CM (Windows platform).
  • Updated the text color of non-local assets in TrainzContent to improve readability.
  • The "Export to CDP" file dialog on the Windows platform now correctly shows a "*.cdp" extension filter.
  • Boosted the strength of the material emissive value imported from Max, to better match TS12.
  • Update the Power Station Rule and the BaseIndustry script to support a new industry "view details" display state of "Currently without power".
  • Fixed a case where assets could be incorrectly reported as faulty due to validation occurring before all systems had finished starting up.
  • Changed the property edit tool to permit editing scenery-with-track object properties in scenarios which previously would have been rejected due to layer checking.
  • TrackCircuitInsulator and TrackCircuitDetector are no longer corrupted after being saved and reloaded. Existing instances of these asset types will need to be replaced.
  • Ammeter now displays meaningful values while using Dynamic Braking.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur while dragging procedural track.
  • Fix scenery-with-track attachments breaking when resaving old routes.
  • Fixed savegame data for coupler and junction locking status.
  • Updated ground LOD to use minimap texture to fix some ground texture artifacts.
  • Fixed a rare case where script compile failures could leave files locked incorrectly.
  • The "Today" filter in TrainzContent can now be edited and resaved, and will continue to always use the current date.
  • Protected against a gameplay-blocking script exception which could occur in Driver when working with faulty content.
  • Fixed a case where creating a new userdata folder would not immediately download DLS asset listings.
  • Fixed a rare case where TrainzContent could hang when displaying asset details.
  • Procedural Junction blades no longer disappear and appear elsewhere on route
  • Track level of detail updates update smoothly
  • 'Surveyor-only' objects (MapObjectStubs) no longer appear within Driver
  • Bogey wheel bones are no longer offset
  • Fixed data corruption / theoretical crash issue when LOD children introduce new bones
  • Fiexed tunnel dighole issues
  • Invisible track no longer invisible in surveyor
  • Signal corona brightness after aspect change fixed
  • Bogeys appear in the correction position depending on camera zoom range
  • Industries have visible loads after unloading
  • Handbrake now working on consists with no loco in builtin sessions
  • A range of crash fixes including carz, track search, contextual menus and stitched buffers
  • DLC in-game listing now showing available routes and sessions
  • "Edit Session" and other Property dialog boxes now appear on top in certain cases
  • Trainz again remembers window position, size, settings
  • Automatic Running Numbers are now generated when creating new trains within Driver
  • Can now enter decimal point as first character in text box
  • Copy / Paste objects now renders correctly
  • Protection added against missing-spec crashdump
  • Updates to allow Trainz to operate under Sierra (Mac - not yet available for testing)