Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 - RELEASED

By admin-n3v, December 21 2018

N3V Games is excited to announce the launch of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (TRS19), the latest release in the long running Trainz franchise that first launched back in 2001. Including a major graphics update, the new levels of realism possible makes this version a must-have for train simulation fans.



Trainz has always been much more than a train driving sim, and TRS19 delivers the goods in four key areas; Building, Sharing, Driving, and Operating. World creation has had a number of updates but the most significant is NVIDIA Turf Effects. This technology has been integrated with the Trainz world editor to allow route builders to paint realistic looking grass over their entire route. The wind forces from both the atmosphere and trains themselves affect the grass animation to make the world feel even more more realistic.


“With 6 stunning routes from around the world, 40+ detailed gameplay sessions, 100+ locomotives and 500+ freight and passenger wagons included, TRS19 provides something for everyone. And for existing owners of Trainz a New Era, all your existing content can be downloaded free into TRS19 as well.” Tony Hilliam - CEO You can see the full TRS19 locomotive lineup at Putting this into perspective, if TRS19 included just the rolling stock, you would be looking at around 10 cents per car/loco! Add to that over 20,000 more free locomotives and over 35,000 rolling stock on the Trainz Download Station (“DLS”), then you’re looking at the best value train simulator on the market. We must thank our massive Trainz content creation community for their efforts over the past 15+ years - they are truly the lifeblood of making Trainz what it is today by uploading their content to share with other Trainz fans. The many thousands of routes now available free on the DLS show how easy (and addictive) it is to sit down and begin creating your own railroad masterpiece. We’ve also updated the driving experience with an all new Driver UI including a brand new Track Profile feature giving detailed information for the track ahead. Several brand new fully interactive interiors are also part of the new look and feel to give the ultimate in-cab experience.




To help users check out the masses of content available in Trainz, we’ve overhauled the main menu. You can now filter on different content types, and preview installed rolling stock in 2D tiled view or 3D view. You can even preview DLS content and items can then be downloaded directly in-game.

my_collections The Trainz graphics engine has gone through some serious updates since the previous Trainz release in 2014. You can now see Trainz in a whole new light, literally, with the “old style rendering” replaced by the new “physically based rendering” (PBR). WIth the light reacting differently on different surfaces, everything simply looks more realistic and pleasing to the eye.



PBR is just one of many engine updates that you’ll find in the new Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 and although PBR makes all content look worlds apart from any previous release, it’s not the only piece of tech that helps achieve this. TRS19 has a whole new set of materials to be used in conjunction with PBR. This should be particularly exciting for the content creator to take full advantage of PBR. Create ultra realistic content by combining emissive, roughness, ambient occlusion and metallic textures. Furthermore, all materials support the use of parallax mapping (or height maps). Height Maps not only provide a superior visual result on terrain but on mesh objects too. Compare the following brick wall which includes both a Height Map and a Normal Map, with the same wall using only a Normal Map. Legacy materials have been mapped to work in conjunction with the new PBR lighting giving non-PBR specific content much more realistic visuals than ever before.  



Each route utilises all the latest TRS19 content and features and is fully editable by you!


Completely overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards. In recognition of all our Kickstarter supporters we've made some major updates to KSC by completely overhauling and updating the route to TRS19 Standards. Includes 4 brand new interactive sessions, new industries and an expanded world.



Majestic prototypical Rocky Mountains route by RoysTrainz. This enormous 2000 km sq prototypical Rocky Mountains route has been extensively reworked to take full advantage of the new TRS19 features. Includes 4 brand new interactive sessions plus stunning new high resolution trains and passenger cars.



Brand new masterpiece from Jango This stunning creation is a must-see for every Trainz fan. With an incredible eye for detail and the majestic Italian scenery as a backdrop, this prototypical rural Italian route is a true masterpiece. Includes 6 brand new interactive sessions and the stunning new Orient Express train.



Completely overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards. An idyllic, single-track branch line in Wetterau and Main-Kinzig-Kreis in the western German state of Hesse. New Track and Scenery plus 4 new sessions with new detail rolling stock.



Completely overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards This impressive route runs between Truro and Penzance in Cornwall. It includes Branch-lines to Falmouth, Helston, Hayle Wharves and St Ives. New Track, Ground Textures, Assets and 8 new never-seen-before sessions.



Completely overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards. Set in 1976, this well-known ECML route includes the Forth and Tay rail bridges, Rosyth Navy Dock and stunning scenery along the Firth of Forth estuary. Keep an eye out some good gradients and also some severe speed restrictions while learning the road.



TRS19 is not just about the built-in routes. We've also included a huge range of new locos, rolling stock and scenery, with over 15,000 items in total. Plus we’re working on a new range of brand new high quality TRS19 DLC content.

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