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TANE Service Pack 1 Hotfix 1 Update now LIVE!

By Tony_Hilliam, March 11 2016

In January we delivered some significant performance improvements and stability, along with a long list of fixes and features. This month we're happy to continue with the massive improvements and deliver our next update Service Pack 1 Hotfix 1 ("SP1-HF1").

SP1-HF1 features improved visuals with enhancements to our full world dynamic shadow system, updates to the Interlocking Tower feature and a range of usability updates including the much requested "Freeintcam" in-cab camera controls. We highly recommend that all existing owners update to this latest version (the patch is around 300MB from TANE SP1).

Check below for the full list of fixes.

How do I update?

If you have already updated to TANE SP1 (i.e. builds 80xxx), then the simplest way to update is to launch TANE and the auto-patcher will prompt you to update. Just ensure you are online, your Username is entered, and your Patch Stream is set to Public. 

We have also provided "offline" versions that can be downloaded on one PC and transferred to another. Go to this Patching Page and select the appropriate offline patch for your build number. We will not be providing physical disks for this update.

If you have not already updated to Service Pack 1 (so you are most likely using build 76xxx or 79xxx) then we certainly think it's time you updated your build to unlock all the great new features and improvements we've been busy adding for the past year or so. 

To update to SP1 (and from there update online to SP1 HF1), go to this Patching Page and select the appropriate offline patch for your build number or order the SP1 install disks from this link for Deluxe Edition owners or this link for Standard Edition owners.

Changelist for SP1 HF1

  • Fix - Decoupling any train can cause it to be added to an Interlocking Tower path
  • Interlocking Towers> Add the concept of conjoint paths, where a path exit signal is also used as an entry signal to another path. Specifically:
    • Lead-in conjoint paths will never alter the state of the exit signal
    • Lead-in conjoint paths will show the exit signal state as "Automatic" in the edit helper, not allow it to be edited and show a special tooltip
    • Conjoint paths will not treat each other’s entry and exit signals as conflicting
  • Major improvements to shadows:
    • Significant reduction of shadow “flickering”
    • Improvements to attachment of shadows to the base of trees at all angles
    • Shadows on train cars less affected by asset LODs
    • Added new Medium shadow option (Low plus Terrain shadows enabled)
  • Driver Command GUI does not reappear after closing Train Tab
  • Crash fix for "carz" (surveyor roaming)
  • In cab camera control option (freeintcam) added to General Settings
  • Bulk replace tool optimised
  • Bulk replace tool no longer pauses using "current section only"
  • Bulk replace shows progress bar for all 3 area options
  • Edit session no longer forgets driver commands on reload
  • “Repeat” driver command saves in Save Game (and reloads)
  • Creating a new consist is now much quicker
  • Save filter in Surveyor now saving correctly
  • Numeric input allows backspacing and copy/paste
  • CTRL-F properties box correctly populated on opening
  • The camera icons shown on the menu bar now match the list
  • Can now save all settings in multiplayer rule
  • Users can rejoin correctly after being kicked out of a MP session
  • Map Display Option Keys in Driver no longer hidden by Score interface
  • Increased font size for gradient figures in mini maps
  • Additional Minimap / 3D alignment fix with Heightmap option (for very hilly areas)
  • Mini Map in Surveyor and Driver remembers the Map Display Options settings
  • Compass shows and hides using "show compass in 3D view" toggle
  • Surveyor properties more reliably undoes changes on cancellation
  • Disable / Enable Content button now toggles correctly
  • "Edit Session" default size no longer fullscreen and window size is remembered
  • Interlocking tower user selection icon shows in Driver when required
  • "Dependants" and "Dependencies" filters changed to “Dependants Include” and “Dependencies Include”
  • Calendar has correct dates for 2016
  • F6 key in driver hides the driver commands and does not reappear at industries
  • 'Hide messages' is now the default option
  • Train Tab properties tool no longer brings up 'ctrl + right click' tooltip in Driver
  • Edit Route now prompts for correct save route/sessions options based upon edits
  • Last route edited now selected in Route Menu
  • Updates to featured asset for Routes Menu
  • Surveyor reloads to saved position
  • Performance preset icon in Driver reflects current state
  • Steam loco cannot suddenly reverse direction
  • Material naming validation improvements
  • Crossing assets will now post a "Crossing","StateChanged" message to script when their internal state is changed
  • MOVehicle animated bell support playing on startup
  • FXText font rendering now similar between TS12 and T:ANE
  • Fixed a case where trackside objects with custom properties would not show those properties in the Surveyor property edit dialog
  • Constructors.NewImage(); now returns an image
  • MOsignal with 4.2 or higher now showing signal lights in game
  • Text in Trainz Settings window not clipped
  • Fix - Opening Test Track twice causes TANE to lock up
  • New engine specs can be created for payware in testtrack
  • Added a "current drawn" stat to Testrack to measure amps
  • Pausing no longer affects ammeter readout
  • Made some adjustments to power to correct Ammeter display
  • Several Healesville loco animation level of detail updates
  • Floating scenery brought down to earth in Bidye Traction Railroad
  • Added Draw Distance Cap (can be set in Edit Route and overriden by users)
  • Loading passengers and goods under AI control now more reliable
  • Fix in multiplayer where only the host can pick up any cargo from industries
  • Fix Minimap / 3D misalignment
  • Fix issue where jumping to minimap lock would have the terrain position out of sync
  • Fix some issues with synchronisation of world/minimap views when rotating or zooming
  • Fix "Freeze" where CM would freeze for a long time when right clicking
  • World Origin lat/long updates no longer overwritten by region co-ords
  • Prevent route/session deletes in the menu from hanging the menu
  • Updates to Steam build to ensure DLC downloads correctly
  • Update the edit session dialog to remember it's position and size on close and reopen
  • Background fixes to Asset DB
  • Fix a memory leak or potential game crash when closing the game window while editing properties in Surveyor.
  • Fixed an issue where the skybox rendering cut off with a hard edge when viewed in a water reflection.
  • Fixed Track Objects now attach correctly
  • Corrected m.reflect so that it visually matches TS12 (may also impact other sphere-mapped materials eg. ts12bumpgloss)
  • Fix misspelling of "Camera interal"
  • Bulk Replace tool now allows “In Selected Area” marquee tool
  • Fix asset thumbnails that could get stuck in a download loop
  • Possible fix for a scenario where speedtree loading was reported to hang
  • Optimise the removal of ground holes to improve map unloading time
  • Surveyor Picklist remembers items after saving
  • Various build and installer changes and fixes
  • Various potential crash fixes from user-submitted crashdumps
  • Added Compact Route option*

*Compact Route option is used during route development after repeated route merge operations or bulk operations. It will improve performance for certain functions (such as spawning assets from a portal). This function should not be used if you have created additional sessions as it will break session compatibility. This feature is definitely a beta implementation so ensure your content is backed up prior to using it.