Announcing Trainz Reward Pointz

By Tony_Hilliam, August 09 2019

MyTrainz Membership just got a whole lot more exciting with the introduction of the MyTrainz Reward Pointz program.

Earn Pointz for a variety of actions and convert your Pointz into cash discounts on the Trainz Store. 

Earn Pointz > Redeem Pointz > Repeat

Start Collecting Trainz Rewards Pointz Today

There's a variety of ways to earn Pointz.

For every $1 spent on the Trainz Store or on Trainz Memberships, you earn 10 Pointz.

Plus, you can earn more Pointz simply by:

  • Liking us on Facebook,
  • Sharing a Facebook post,
  • Referring a friend, 
  • Having a MyTrainz Anniversary,
  • Reading the Trainz Newsletter, or
  • Taking part in one of our special promotions

Choose your Reward

You can convert your Pointz into a variety of different reward levels and types.

Click here or click the Reward Pointz widget to see the full list of options available to you.

Dollars Off Discount Reward
e.g. 500 Pointz = $5 Discount Code *

Percentage Off Reward

e.g. 2000 Pointz = 25% Off

Trade Pointz for Free Products
e.g. 1000 Pointz gets you the NYC J3a (worth $19.99) for free!

* Minimum purchase amount may be required. e.g. ($5 off requires $19 minimum order)

Existing Customer Loyalty Reward

To kick things off, we’ve already rewarded our existing valued community members Pointz for a range of past actions.

Log in and check your Pointz here.

Description Pointz Earned
Existing MyTrainz Member <5 Years 100 Pointz 
Existing MyTrainz Member 5-9 Years 500 Pointz 
Existing MyTrainz Member 10-14 Years 1000 Pointz 
Existing MyTrainz Member 15-19 Years 1500 Pointz 
Kickstarter Campaign Supporter 100 Pointz 
Current Trainz Newsletter Subscriber 100 Pointz 
Purchased TANE from Trainz Store  (any version) 100 Pointz 
Purchased TRS19 from Trainz Store (any version) 100 Pointz 
Active Silver Class Members 100 Pointz 
Active Gold Class Members 200 Pointz 
Pointz issued for status as at Aug 08, 2019.

Happy MyTrainz Anniversary - Bonus Reward Pointz

We've also created special Tiers to increase the amount of Pointz you can earn. 

When you sign up for MyTrainz, you earn 200 Pointz, then 100 Pointz each year after that.*

Also, every 5 years as a MyTrainz Member you get special Bonus Pointz, plus an extra % increase to the Pointz earned for purchases.

So after 5 years as a member, you'll be earning 20% extra points per dollar spent on the Trainz Store.

Years as a MyTrainz Member One-Off Bonus Extra % Pointz Per $ Spent
Each new year 100 0 10
5 Years 500 20% 12
10 Years 1000 50% 15
15 Years 1500 80% 18
20 Years 2000 100% 20
25 Years 2500 120% 22
* Anniversary Bonus Pointz are added at the end of each month based upon your initial Join Date anniversary.

Membership Reward Pointz

Our Silver and Gold Class Members earn even more Bonus Pointz.

Silver Class - Double Your Pointz 

Silver Class members also earn Double Pointz for all purchases on the Trainz Store. 

That's 20 Trainz Pointz per $1 spent on the Trainz Store.

Plus, you'll earn 10 Trainz Pointz for every $1 spent on your monthly or annual Silver Class membership.  

Gold Class - Triple Your Pointz 

Gold Class members earn Triple Pointz for all purchases on the Trainz Store. 

That's a massive 30 Trainz Pointz per $1 spent on the Trainz Store..

Plus, you'll earn 10 Trainz Pointz for every $1 spent on your monthly or annual Gold Class membership.


Additional Ways to Earn Pointz

Many reward programs only offer you points when you spend cash. Trainz Pointz can be earned for a variety of different actions:

Join MyTrainz

New customers joining MyTrainz will earn 200 Pointz. (Existing customers have already been rewarded).

Get $10 Give $10 - Referrals

Refer a friend who creates a new account on MyTrainz and they'll earn a $10 Discount Code reward. 

Once they use their $10 reward, you will also earn a $10 off Discount Code.

Like us on Facebook

It's simple? Just click the link in the Reward Pointz "Earn Pointz" widget.

Share a Facebook post

Each month you share a Facebook post you can earn Pointz.

Sign Up for the Newsletter and start earning Pointz every week

Each week you receive the Trainz Newsletter and click on a link, you'll earn more Pointz (so you'll earn Pointz just for viewing a Trainz screenshot or video)!

*Bonus Pointz are updated weekly for clicks on links in the latest newsletter in the previous week.

Future Plans

We're starting out with a nice simple program and we'll introduce new ways to earn and redeem your points over time. Here are some of the plans we have for future rewards.

Special Promotions for Special Rewards

From time to time we'll run special promotions. For example, a special screenshot competition where each entry will receive Trainz Pointz (as well as Pointz for voting on the screenshots).

Another example would be a Product Review promotion each review submitted will earn a number of Trainz Pointz.


Q.How do I join?


If you’re already a MyTrainz Member, you’re already enrolled in the rewards program. Just click on the Pointz widget on our websites.

Log in to check your Pointz balance, earn more Pointz and Redeem any rewards you've already earned.

If you aren't a MyTrainz Member, create an account then visit the Trainz Store. Your rewards appear in the bottom right.

Q.Can I use my Pointz for Gold or Silver Membership?


The Pointz can currently only be redeemed on the Trainz Store. We are working on a solution to allow the points to be redeemed for your memberships.

Q.Where can I ask more questions about the Reward Pointz Program?


If you have any problems or questions, then click this link and complete the online form. We will then get back to you in 1-2 work days.

Q.How do I refer a friend?


1. Send your referral link to your friend either by email, or sharing on Facebook.
2. Your friend clicks on the link which opens the Trainz Reward Pointz popup on the Trainz Store
3. Your friend enters their email address (which must not have been used to create a MyTrainz account at any time previously).
4. They receive an email telling them they have earned their $10 off discount code reward.
5. To use their $10 discount code, they must then create a MyTrainz or account. For creating a new account they also earn a further 200 Trainz Pointz.
6. Once they log in to, then copy and paste the code from the confirmation email, they get $10 off any order (over $20 in value).
7. Once that order is completed, you then earn your $10 reward.
8. You will receive a confirmation email with a discount code, and you then follow the same process to get $10 off any order over $20.

N3V Games reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify, suspend or cancel the Reward Pointz Program, without notice for any conduct that we, in our sole discretion, believe is in violation of acceptable usage of our Reward Pointz Program. We also reserve the right to revoke Reward Pointz if we feel the participant has tried to abuse the Reward Pointz Program in any way.
By entering into our Reward Pointz Program, participants release and hold N3V Games, any affiliated companies and employees from any and all liability of any injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with this Reward Pointz program or acceptance or use of any points given. No responsibility is assumed for any technical issues regarding the issuing of Pointz. Changes to the Reward Pointz Program can or will be made at the sole discretion of N3V Games as & when required without giving notice or any form of communication to Reward Pointz program members as individuals or groups.

Existing MyTrainz customers who have previously logged in to the Trainz Store have been automatically entered into N3V Games's Reward Pointz Program. New customers will join the Reward Pointz Program once they create a MyTrainz account and place their first order on the Trainz Store Further, by accepting the Reward Pointz points, each customer agrees to release and hold harmless N3V Games, its licensees, affiliates, subsidiaries, merchant partners, advertising and promotion agencies and their respective directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents from any and all liability for any injuries, loss or damage of any kind to person, including death, and property, arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from acceptance, use or misuse of the Reward Pointz discounts or participation in any Reward Pointz Program related activity.

This Reward Pointz Program is void where prohibited by law. N3V Games reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it finds, in its sole discretion, to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Reward Pointz Program; to be acting in violation of the sites Policies and Procedures; or to be acting in a non-sportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person. Any use of robotic, automatic, macro, programmed or like entry methods will void all such entries by such methods. In the event of a dispute as to entries submitted by multiple users having the same e-mail account, the authorized subscriber of the e-mail account used to enter the Reward Pointz program at the actual time of entry will be deemed to be the user and must comply with these rules. Authorized account subscriber is deemed to be the natural person who is assigned an e-mail address by an Internet access provider, on line service provider or other organization, which is responsible for assigning e-mail, addresses or the domain associated with the submitted e-mail address. N3V Games will prosecute any fraudulent activities to the full extent of the law.

Thank you for participating in the Trainz Reward Pointz Program!