Compare and Win!

By Tony_Hilliam, November 01 2018


1st ($100 Trainz Voucher): Jango
Average Score: 7.32

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2nd ($100 Trainz Voucher): Roy3b3
Average Score: 7.27

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3rd ($100 Trainz Voucher): Philskene
Average Score: 7.24

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4th ($50 Trainz Voucher): GDennish
Average Score: 7.23

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As you can see from the scores, it was extremely close for 3rd place so we've issued our 4th placegetter a $50 voucher. And thanks to all our competitors for your great entries.

Compare and Win one of 3 x $100 Prize Vouchers

Do you own both TANE and TRS19? 
Would you like to win a $100 Trainz Voucher to use at either the Trainz Store or for a Trainz Membership?
Then submit your comparison screenshots for a chance to win...see the rules below.

Here's a comparison we prepared earlier...


Click to enlarge, then move the slider to compare.

TRS19 (5 minute update) vs TRS19 (untouched)

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Competition Rules:

  1. Entries are open to anyone who owns both TANE and TRS19 (Early Access)*
  2. An entry must include 3 shots taken from a "close to identical" position in the route and include:
    1. A shot from TANE.
    2. A shot from the same route and location in TRS19.
    3. A shot of the same location with as much updating as you like.
  3. You can submit as many sets of 3 images as you like.
  4. Entries close at midday AEST Oct 25.
  5. Voting will commence at that time and voting will end at midday AEST Nov 1.
  6. The 3 entries receiving the highest number of votes will win.
  7. In the case of a tied vote, N3V Games will draw lots to determine the winner.
  8. Winners will have a choice of a $100 Trainz Store Voucher or a $100 Trainz Membership Voucher.

* N3V employes not eligible.


Judging Criteria

Votes will be made by the Trainz Community, and therefore the criteria for a winning entry will primarily be in their hands. 

Some suggested features would include:
 - choose an interesting scene with a variety of train related content
 - ensure your environment settings, including sun direction, fog levels, sky colour etc look good
 - find the right camera angle to showcase the main "theme" of the scene
 - when updating in TRS19, try replacing with different tracks and ballast to get a good match
 - experiment with TurfFX and Clutter effects to enhance the foreground
 - identify any assets in your scene that could be swapped out for a "better" asset (e.g. does your scene include older "2D" people?)

Suggested viewing for TurfFX - (includes links to videos)