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Service Pack 2 Hotfix 1 - Release Candidate 1

By Tony_Hilliam, August 25 2017

The latest update to the Beta Version has been released. Build 89384 is considered a "Release Candidate" (RC). This is a version that we consider could be released as a final version, subject to further testing. If no showstoppers are identified then this version will be released as the public release version.

Beta Testers - this version patches from Build 89267 to an interim build 89354 then to the "Release Candidate" 89384.

Looking through the changelists from SP2 below, you will see that we're getting down to some pretty short lists of items to fix. We will now be focussed on major items only so that we can deliver a stable, reliable version to all users in the coming weeks.

After SP2 HF1 is released, our next stage will be to provide a full list of "known issues" and will be asking people to verify if each specific issue still in fact exists in the latest version. This will eliminate a large number of "fixed issues" and leave us with a much shorter list that can then be prioritised for fixing.

Changelist for SP2 HF1 RC 89384:

  • Fixed - JR signals cannot be edited after saving and reloading
  • Fixed - Bulk Asset Replacement not working on some ground textures
  • Fixed - Loading/saving takes 5 minutes versus a few seconds in TS12
  • Fixed - Route exit crash
  • Fixed - "TrainzUnlockNativeFileSystem> releasing spiked lock"
  • WorldList upgrade/optimistation
  • Improved load failure handling
  • Recovery fix for damaged routes (internal code)
  • Optimisation to avoid long "game not responding" due to excess load

Changelist for SP2 HF1 Beta Build 89267:

  • Use Height entry now updated when new value entered
  • Running number text now showing correctly in the train properties dialog
  • Fixed - Multiplayer join crash
  • Fixed - crash exiting Avery
  • Fixed - TrainControls naming within multiplayer sessions
  • Fixed - crash in Japan Freight session
  • Fixed - Route save dialog presents invalid state when using Surveyor quickdrive
  • Fixed - "WorldList::RebuildDependencyData> Item 1 (list 8) has no backing store tile"
  • Fixed - Merging locks up (map specific)
  • Fixed - Alt-shift-ctrl-P has gone crazy
  • Fixed - Test track Edit Spec - IAssetInterfaceGroup::IField> Unknown/invalid type floatlist
  • Fixed - "Map Display Options" not working at mid zoom levels
  • Fixed - load and unload commands giving script exceptions on session load
  • "Additional Tools Menu" updates
  • W.i.p - Steam effects on loco emitting fine then repositioning (please test)

Changelist for SP2 HF1 Beta Build 89139

  • Update Surveyor to set the session as discardable by default, if the session is new
  • Fixed - Get Vertex Height tool and several others disabled by Fill Grid
  • Fixed - Plateau tool using incorrect height value
  • Fixed - Multi-board copy paste condenses objects onto a single baseboard
  • Fixed - Named objects are not brought across in map merge
  • Fixed - In cab keys stop working once outside the cab
  • Fixed - "InitBuffers: vertexBuffer is NULL"
  • Fixed - Adding assets to a picklist doesn't flag TAD as modified
  • Fixed - Undoing spline point deletion triggers NamedObjectTable command failure
  • Fixed - Test Track - script errors
  • Fixed - Adding an '&' in a picklist name causes TANE to "Not Respond"
  • Fixed - Crash when selecting "Get Assets from the World" in Add Random scenery tool
  • Fixed - T2AttachmentPointAnimated::Update> not attached to scene; can't update yet.
  • Fixed - Crash related to nav points
  • Fixed - Adding assets to a picklist doesn't flag TAD as modified
  • Fixed - NamedObjectTable assertion during merge route
  • Fixed - spurious validation errors
  • Fixed - AJS Traffic Controller <kuid2:122285:1159:3> leaves arrows behind after deleting
  • Fixed - Focus camera rule not working
  • Fixed - Game exit shutdown crash (sound related)
  • Fixed - "TANE has stopped working" when merging
  • Fixed - Driver Setup rule in sessions created pre-88876 don't setup the player driver
  • Fix several other Driver setup issues
  • Fixed - Junction kit (right) is faulty
  • Fixed - “WaitForCameraViewMode : Message Queue Overflow"
  • Clarify "WorldCoordinate::Normalise> internal failure" assertion message

Changelist for SP2 HF1 Beta Build 88978:

  • In-cab camera now begins in correct location
  • Using [ and ] keys to cycle through cab views now working correctly
  • Paint circle no longer fades as camera range increases
  • Fix assertion and crash on Andrushivka + Balezino
  • "BR 1366 class cab" showing error in SP2 HF1
  • Fix a crash when importing an FBX file where the material names are malformed
  • Align some misplaced buttons
  • Fix "validation failed without returning errors"
  • Fixed a crash when calling a Queued Command on a Render Thread
  • Fix a Resource Check rule script error
  • Deleting a spline point no longer moves trackside objects and junctions
  • Fix a deadlock condition with the in-game asset download window
  • Fix a MP script error - DriverSetupRule

Changelist from SP2 to SP2 HF1 Beta 88857:

  • Drive to and Navigate no longer show "caching menu options please wait"
  • Drive to Trackmark and Drive Via Trackmark commands now show full ist of trackmarks
  • Fixed hang when loading certain sessions
  • TMR17 M120 modules uploaded to DLS to allow access to all TANE and TMR owners
  • Named scenery objects now show in find list
  • Fix for merging routes with named object conflicts
  • Product Key installer now correctly prompts for product key
  • Error message updates for installer
  • Surveyor once again returns to last location when editing route
  • Incompatible Saved Sessions from SP1 now prevented from loading in SP2
  • Named scenery objects now showing in find list
  • Named objects are now correctly imported in map merge
  • Update the find dialog to provide placeholder names for items with a blank localised name
  • Set and Get tools now work for Junctions
  • Adjust radius tool now allows Junction trigger to be set to a minimum of 1m
  • Track/Platform info now shows in "Drive To" mouseover text
  • "Enable gameplay session mode" now correctly removes Train tab from Driver Session
  • Fixed - Mesh library assets render as spikes when used together
  • Fixed - TrackGraphLine issue
  • Fixed - crash when removing items from picklist
  • Trains tab now defaults to Trains - Add train mode
  • Editing pre-2009 routes and sessions no longer loses loco and consist names from lists
  • Fix the initialisation of backing store data for really old routes
  • Fixed - Asset config.txt is corrupted on import
  • Tracks added in the Session Layer that join to tracks in the Route layer now appear correctly after save and re-load
  • Fix a ReplicationManager crash that occured on multiplayer client join
  • Fixed - FXText effects which are attached to animated meshes are not moving when SetMeshTranslation() is called
  • Fixed - Route layer change triggers only "Save session" prompt
  • Fixed - "Amtrak P42DC" routes shows script error on loading
  • Tag 'end-gap' in attached-splines now works the correct direction
  • Fix for smoke (PFX) not starting when ‘start’ tag = 1 or higher
  • Prevent placement of track splines off the baseboard
  • Fix for ControlSet functions applying simultaneously to all locomotives
  • Translation cleanup
  • More updates to Drive to Trackmark and Drive Via Trackmark lists
  • Track condition updates now saved correctly if no other changes made
  • Track layer updates now save and reload correctly
  • Multiplayer no longer allows save games
  • Multiplayer exit crash fix
  • Fix DriverSetupRule : Router.LegacyBroadcastMessage> source object is null (file gs.gs)
  • Inserting a spline point then undoing it now works correctly
  • Prevent train vehicles from ever being considered as small scenery
  • Fix game Freeze when laying track
  • Save Game now reloads consists from lower layers
  • Fix with certain fixed track objects causing crash to desktop

Other notes:

Our lowest supported screen resolution is 1024x768
We've disabled maximize option in Windowed mode when screen resolution is too low.
To run at 1024x768 use Fullscreen and use Alt + Enter to switch between fullscreen and your desktop (and back again).
Also note that using the Windows "Scaling" option is equivalent to reducing your screen resolution and therefore may make your effective resolution lower than 768.