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TANE Service Pack 2 Hotfix 1 Officially Released

By Tony_Hilliam, November 17 2017

After many months in development, we could have almost called this major update for Trainz "Service Pack 3". With a huge number of improvements and fixes, we've been busy making Trainz more stable across more systems and offering better compatibility with a wider range of content, and fixing those annoying little things that sometimes make you tear your hair out. 

Here is a list of official build numbers. 

Select either Beta or Public Release Stream, ensure you are online and you will be prompted to update. Offline patches and more details about patching can be found here.  

  • SimCentral Windows - 88364 to 90945 
  • Standard SimCentral Mac  - 88395 to 90946 
  • Standard Windows Product Key Standard - 88343 to 90948
  • Windows Product Key Deluxe - 88348 to 90955
  • Mac App Store - 84615 to 90957
  • STEAM Windows - 88460 to 90959
  • STEAM Mac - 88461 to 90969

Mac Users: If your patcher stops at "Begin", please download the patcher from this link and run from your desktop.

Over the past few months, our large group of beta testers (over 2,000 people have installed the beta version) have provided us with plenty of tasks to address. Many of these issues have been specific to a particular route, session or sometimes just a single asset has caused the problem.

With many thousands of content creators sharing content with the community over more than 15 years and involving dozens of different builds, the task of ensuring compatibility is a tough one. Many people ask why things need to change, and the answer is simple: they don't, as long as you are happy to stay with the previous version of Trainz.

However, with new features and functionality comes new requirements and new validation methods and occasionally, this sometimes means temporarily breaking older content until a work around can be organized. Given the 500,000+ different assets available from our DLS and other 3rd party websites, if just 1% of the content requires work-arounds, that's 5,000 items (which amounts to roughly the content used in 2 or 3 large Trainz routes. So it's a mammoth undertaking.

We could, of course, just say that the old content is no longer compatible, but we know the hard work involved in working for hundreds or thousands of hours putting together a route, and so to toss it all away would be a shame.

Instead, what we do hope to see in the future is people upgrading their content and reducing their reliance on older content. After all, do we really 100's of different textures called "Ballast"? Developing one set of a dozen different high quality ballast textures will result in better visuals and much easier ongoing support in the long run.


All existing users on build 8xxxx or higher will be prompted when they start up Trainz that the update is available. It's only 40MB in size as any content updates have been released through the DLS and code doesn't take up much space at all :)

To finish off, we really must say a BIG thanks once again to our legion of testers. Without your support, we simply wouldn't be able to identify a fraction of the issues raised and continue to make things better and better. The Trainz community owe you all a big pat on the back for the many hours of frustration (and fun) testing the various builds over the past few months.

Happy Trainzing!

Trainz Team