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TRS19 Early Access - Official Update

By Tony_Hilliam, November 02 2018

Early Access Update Now Available

All TRS19 Early Access owners can now access the first official update for TRS19 "Early Access". This includes a huge content update with over 600 new/updated assets.

There's so much new content we've created a page for you to check it all out.

If you missed the update last week, Sebino Lake is now available, and the remaining built-in routes are doing one final round of QA prior to release in the coming weeks.

The update is available for TRS19 users as follows:

  • PC build 96000 > 97556 (5.1GB) via "TRS19 Early Access" stream
  • PC beta build 97513 > 97556 (20MB) via "TRS19 Beta" stream
  • Mac build 96020 > 97557 (5.1GB) via "TRS19 Early Access" stream
  • Mac beta build 97429 > 97557 (20MB) via "TRS19 Beta" stream

Changelist 9600 to 97556

Over the past two months we've been working on the five built-in routes, the huge content update you will receive today, and ensuring that the final "Gold Master" release version will be absolutely rock solid.

The following list gives you a list of the more human-readable updates that are included in the latest fix, plus below we've listed a number of the additional updates that are already undergoing internal testing and will be included in the TRS19 final release.

  • Major improvements to the Track Profile HUD including scaling and positioning
  • Add gradient info to Track profile
  • Add additional Track Profile configuration options
  • Improve contrast in Driver UI (objectives etc)
  • Add Font Size option for CM
  • Resolve excessive unload time
  • Workaround for assets that have their normals facing the wrong way
  • Updates to m.reflect
  • Reduce brightness on default settings
  • Saving a session now shows progress
  • Enable in-game help (use the ?)
  • Updates for "2D plane" trees
  • Multiplayer fixes and tweaks
  • Fix Test track assertions and crash
  • USRA light pacific sengine spec updates
  • Kanawha locomotive reworked for TRS19
  • Fix St. Nicolaas Turntable in 02 Local Freight session
  • Added warnings for incorrect materials (some reflections appear green)
  • Loads of content fixes and tweaks
  • Add "Owned" or "Not owned" filter option for Premium content
  • Fix the scrollbar in the objectives UI
  • Script error fixes
  • Fix game clock resetting to 0:00:00 after passing one hour
  • Better handling of invalid asset in asset preview
  • Female drivers can no longer have a moustache
  • Route Smooth Spline Height freeze fixed
  • Exiting Driver back to Surveyor corrupts junctions and vertices
  • Fix for Nav points not clearing from track profile when completed/hidden
  • Forcibly show the Driver UI when entering edit mode
  • Objectives toggle button can appear behind the game score, preventing interaction
  • Add subtitles to the Activate Cut Scene rule
  • More script error fixes
  • Procedural track: rail end caps are now offset according to the lateral-offset tag
  • Various ground loading optimisations
  • Minor optimisations for Procedural track loading
  • Fixed track industries are not deleting their track when they're deleted
  • Fixed fixed track station does not render passengers
  • More content fixes and tweaks
  • Update seasonal trees
  • Ensure trains are loaded before screen drops
  • Camera location and coords no longer obscure track profile
  • Surveyor driver order menu crash fix
  • Update various scripts to support async streaming
  • Prevent users from using "Use Changes" after a crash without a warning
  • Fix lock up during font rendering
  • Avoid stalling MOSWT loading if the tracks aren't streamed in or aren't present at all
  • Collision data optimisations
  • Fix a number of font formatting issues
  • Various DLC updates (ECML bridges etc)
  • Assorted improvements to the handling of unknown material types
  • Fix some cases where meshes were being force-loaded incorrectly
  • Added default set of Regions
  • Fix a crash when loading a savegame from CM
  • Fix objectives not showing at session start
  • Fix some SpeedTree instances render with low-res trunks
  • Create Multiplayer Sessions filter
  • Various sound asset tweaks
  • Fix texture load deadlock during content import
  • Nearby track no longer flickers out briefly when a turntable starts rotating
  • Fix for resources with Purchasable Product listings cannot be downloaded

Changelist for the Final TRS19 Release

This items are already fixed, but not yet released:

  • Updates to environment settings
  • Adjustments to sun and fog for pre-TRS19 routes (reduce overbright settings)
  • Reduce default wireframe colour setting
  • Adjusted lighting for all in-built seessions and routes
  • New SW1500 cab
  • Track ballast parallax distortion and widths fixed
  • Track endcap size fixed
  • Several crash fixes
  • Updates to builtin stock to avoid ARN timeouts
  • NumberIT timeout fixes
  • FMA Bank assets upgraded (avoids the shiny texturing in ECML)
  • Lots of Sebino route and session fixes
  • More fixes for additional built-in routes (to be released asap)
  • Script error fixes for built-in routes
  • Toggle for animated driver now also controls Driver Control window
  • Update the FS Gr 740.143 steam locomotive engine spec
  • Lots of localisation updates
  • Test track timer scrubbing error fixed
  • Fix a crash when merging routes with missing traincar assets
  • Fix another merge route crash
  • Fix for black speckles on mesh where UV mapping is extremely small
  • Improve contrast of "selected" highlight for tools in Surveyor
  • Fix for "Sebino - Orient Express" drops loading screen while still loading
  • Fix for Brake Cylinder not releasing - Maintenance Service

We trust you will enjoy the latest update and we can assure you we're working hard to deliver the best ever Trainz experience a little later in the year.